Findings from BASW research has highlighted that social workers are spending close to 80% of their time working on computers or completing paperwork, while only 20% of their time is spent in direct contact with children and families.

We want social workers to have more time to build quality relationships with children and families to make more of a difference!

How the pledge works

You will be asked to give some details for the pledge and will be added to a dedicated mailing list to receive updates within the campaign.

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Why support the pledge?

We will measure how many people pledge support for more quality time for social workers to build relationships with children and families.

Our aim is to build as much support as possible and engage with social workers, stakeholders and employers including Local Authorities to find solutions to best support relationship-based practice and give social workers the quality time they need to do direct work with children and families.

See more information on the 80-20 campaign via the dedicated webpage.

Support the campaign and let’s get quality relationship-based work back into the heart of good social work practice.

Terms and Conditions

By pledging your support you give your permission to be added to a dedicated mailing list for the campaign. All information is held confidentially for anonymised statistical reporting and all data is stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU law.