BASW England 80-20 pledge for relationship-based social work (Organisations)

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Relationships are at the heart of good social work practice and are key to improving outcomes for children. 

We pledge to create an organisation that creates opportunities and supports social workers to spend more quality time working with children and families and less time on administration.

We will achieve this by doing at least three of the following, over the next 6 months:

  1. Identifying at least one named 80-20 champion within our organisation.
  2. Supporting our 80-20 champion to work with BASW.
  3. Including time saving ideas and relationship-based practice on the agenda in team meetings and supervision.
  4. Ensuring at least one champion or another designated Social Worker attends an 80-20 event.
  5. Meeting with individuals with lived experience and stakeholders to review our relationship-based practice and ensure that their views are listened and responded to.
  6. Simplifying administrative tasks and IT systems to free up the time of Social Workers. Share examples of how the length of recording could be reduced; explore how new technology could save time e.g. voice recognition software.
  7. Investing in direct work Kitbags and ensuring they are used by Social Workers.
  8. Ensuring that supervision for Social Workers is regular and includes reflective practice.
  9. Leading on the reduction in the number and length of meetings for social work staff by 15%.
  10. Sharing both successes and difficulties with BASW.

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