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BASW increases support for social workers overseas in fight against Covid

An update on BASW's International Development Fund (IDF)...

Earlier this year BASW made £20,000 available to social workers and social work front line agencies in grants from £500 up to £5,000 through the International Development Fund (IDF). 

BASW has committed £40,000 to social work projects overseas to support them in their fight against Covid.

10,000 is going to the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), the international umbrella organisation for national social work organisations, to support coordination and communication, while £30,000 is being distributed to 8 social work projects in Africa, India and the Middle East.

The 8 organisations are:

  • Wellfound Charity Guinea Bissau.  Guinea Bissau
  • Myrtle Social Welfare Network. India
  • Kerala Initiative of Developmental Services –KIDS KERALA. India
  • Kenyan National Association of Social Workers.  Kenya
  • Dedza District Social Welfare Services, Mulelewaka foundation, Children and Families International Foundation, UNICEF.  Malawi
  • Defence for Children Palestine (West Bank).  Palestine
  • Kitega Community Centre.  Uganda
  • Social Workers Association of Zambia.  Zambia

Projects were identified by BASW members through an open call, prospective projects then bid for funding setting out what they planned to do and the required funding.

These BASW members will continue to act as link with the projects as this work develops.

Dr Ruth Allen, BASW Chief Executive said: "We all know that dealing with Covid-19 in the UK has been very hard. But imagine dealing with Covid-19 in the absence of any NHS, in the absence of clean piped water for washing, or where the availability of PPE is limited by poverty. All of the projects face one or more of these challenges. Social work is an international profession and BASW is proud to support social workers overseas."