BASW supports international partners in battle against Covid-19 with the International Development Fund

Covid – 19 has had a devastating effect in the UK. In many countries the impact of Covid – 19 may be even worse, for example, because of fragile health care systems.

£30,000 has been made available to social workers and social work front line agencies in grants from £500 up to £5,000 through the International Development Fund (IDF).

**Latest update on the funding committed is here, published 17 July 2020**

The fund is now closed to any further applications and associated documentation (from Friday 5th June at 12.00 Midday GMT). We regret that any applications, and/or associated documentation received after this time will not be considered.

We asked BASW members to identify potential social work partners in international settings who could be beneficiaries. 

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At this stage we don’t know what the demand will be, and while BASW will allocate funding to where the money will make the most difference, we may find there are more projects than funding.

In total BASW is committing £40,000 to support international social work partners in the fight against Covid-19 with £30,000 through the International Development Fund (IDF) and a further £10,000 has been made available to the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) - the global membership organisation for social work organisations – to support and coordinate information sharing and disseminate learning.

The International Development Fund (IDF) was created at the BASW AGM in 2014 with the aim of putting:

‘…international exchange and development in a more accessible place than currently is possible and ensure support to BASW members in international exchange of skills, knowledge and expertise’.

The funding awards 2018-2019

Please note that the normal IDF processes (applications, criteria and deadline dates) are suspended due to Covid-19