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Stage 1 Report on the Coronavirus (Recovery and Reform) (Scotland) Bill

The Scottish Parliament's Covid-19 Recovery Committee has published its report on the Scottish Government's proposed Coronavirus (Recovery and Reform) Bill. 

The legislation seeks to extend or make permanent a number of provisions brought in as a response to the pandemic, including in areas such as justice, education and housing.

SASW provided a response to the committee's consultation and some of our feedback on the government's proposals have been included in the final report. Whilst we support some of the proposals, particularly in relation to strengthening the rights of tenants, we have reservations in other areas.

For example, making permanent or extending provisions that allow for more virtual ways of working could unintentionally discriminate against people without digital skills or access to appropriate technology. The impact of lockdowns also had a devastating impact on people's mental health and on the ability to access vital support services. It is therefore imperative that any powers extended to the government to act in public health emergencies should be proportionate to the level of risk faced. You can read SASW's full consultation response here.

The committee's report will now be responded to by the Scottish Government. The Bill will then be debated in the chamber at stage one sometime before 12th May, before returning to the committee stage where MSPs will have the first opportunities to amend the proposals.

If you would like to stay updated on the Bill's progress, please contact our Policy Officer on