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The role of social workers in palliative, end of life and bereavement care

Good palliative, end of life and bereavement care relies on a range of formal and informal support. We trust that this resource will be accessible and clear to anyone who wants to know more about the role of social work. There are also appendices that provide additional information for social workers and those who support or work with them.

The resource starts with an overview of the context and an explanation of what palliative care social work is.

it then sets out the particular capabilities (skills, knowledge and values) that palliative care social workers have, and the general capabilities that all social workers have in relation to end of life and bereavement.

it explains what palliative care social work offers: in palliative care and end of life settings; in the last few days and hours of life; and to support wider social care. it then explains what all social workers can offer for people who are dying and bereaved and those who are close to them.

The resource finishes with actions that everyone can take to get more out of palliative care social work and social work at end of life and in bereavement.