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Voices from social work in a pandemic

Call from Professional Social Work magazine to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences in writing, images or video during the coronavirus crisis

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Share your experiences with PSW magazine

These are unprecedented times for those working in social work and other caring professions. Professional Social Work magazine wants to hear what it's like for you as you endeavour to continue to provide vital services to those who most need it during the COVID-19 pandemic. How are you managing to do your job, study, or teach? Is there anything you have learned? Things that have inspired - or frustrated - you? Do you have a message, an insight, some advice or simply a need to express yourself and bear witness to the current situation? 

Whether it's a short anecdote or a longer reflective article, a poem, video, photo or drawing that creatively captures your thoughts, feelings and experiences - we would love to receive it and share with others online or through Professional Social Work magazine.

We know you're likely to be busier than ever, but sharing experiences in creative ways can be therapeutic - and it will also serve as testimony to a unique time in social work history.

Please email contributions to:

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