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The Anti-Poverty Practice Guide for Social Work

To support the practice of social workers working with people living in poverty

The Anti-poverty Practice Guide for Social Work will support BASW members in their work with people experiencing poverty. This Guide builds on the principles enshrined in the BASW Code of Ethics and the ongoing campaign by BASW against austerity. It was developed in collaboration with the Child Welfare Inequalities Project.

What issues should social workers consider in their work with people who use services living in poverty?

In the face of diminishing services arising from austerity, how should social workers involve third sector organisations in statutory work?

How should social workers address the ethical and human rights issues arising from poverty?

The Anti-Poverty Practice Guide addresses the questions above and is designed to be used by social workers in both children and adults services in both statutory (local authority and NHS) and third sector practice contexts.

To develop the Guide, there were five consultations held in Cardiff, London, Plymouth, and Belfast.

Launched 4th September 2019