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Survivors break silence in report revealing devastating impact of CSA

BASW is supporting a new report launched by charity One in Four that reveals the devastating long-term impact of child sexual abuse on individuals and society and calls for greater awareness by health-related professionals and better access to specialist treatment services for survivors.

24th November 2015

BASW: Review of residential care “unnecessary and costly repetition”

BASW members have expressed concerns that the review of children’s residential care will not be an authentic consultation with the sector and is actually an attempt to extend the Government’s privatisation agenda.

3rd November 2015

BASW response to Law Commission on Mental Capacity & DoLs

BASW response to Law Commission on Mental Capacity & DoLs

2nd November 2015

BASW joins social work collective call for action to help refugees

Social workers welcome refugees to the UK – joint statement and call for action by the Association of Professors of Social Work (APSW), British Association of Social Workers (BASW), Joint University Council Social Work Education Committee (JUC SWEC) and Social Work Action Network (SWAN)

30th October 2015

BASW: Service users need to take a lead role in mental health debate

Following a week in Westminster where mental health has been a hot topic, BASW England says service users need to be placed in a central position in this debate.

18th September 2015

BASW: Corbyn victory shows Government out of touch on privatisation

BASW Chief Executive Bridget Robb says the swell of support for Jeremy Corbyn as new Leader of the Labour Party shows how out of touch the Government is about the public appetite for privatisation.

14th September 2015

BASW: PCF review ‘first step in wider discussion’

BASW CEO Bridget Robb has described the publication of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) review as ‘the first step in a wider discussion of its future’. As the preferred bidder for the College of Social Work (TCSW) assets, BASW is currently in discussion regarding the transfer of ownership and hosting of the PCF once TCSW officially closes at the end of September. The PCF review was commissioned by the government before the TCSW closure announcement and was prompted by a range of changes in the professional and policy environment for social work, including the introduction of Knowledge and Skills Statements from the two Chief Social Workers.

11th September 2015

Refugee vigil in Edinburgh: A pledge of solidarity from World’s social workers

Social workers attending the IFSW (International Federation of Social Workers) European conference will come together to pledge support for refugees in a candlelit vigil.

7th September 2015

BASW: Social workers have ethical duty to support asylum seekers and refugees

BASW is calling on the British Government to receive those fleeing war, persecution, and devastation in their home countries with respect and dignity and is urging its members to sign a petition to up the number of refugees being accepted into the UK.

4th September 2015

Social workers of Europe unite in Edinburgh for unique event

The biggest event of the year in the social work calendar will take place from 6-9 September, when hundreds of social workers from all over Europe gather in Edinburgh.

25th August 2015

BLOG: BASW Vice Chair - Stand Up for Social Work by Joining Us

BASW vice chair Maggie Mellon explains why social workers should join their professional association.

13th August 2015

BASW: Police have to share responsibility for missing young people

Following Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Sir Peter Fahy’s comments on whether police officers were the best professionals to deal with young people who repeatedly go missing, BASW England Manager Maris Stratulis insists the responsibility must be shared between agencies.

7th August 2015

BASW: BAAF closure “regrettable loss of independent agency”

BASW Vice Chair Maggie Mellon says BAAF’s (British Association for Adoption and Fostering) closure is a "regrettable loss of an independent agency working to ensure that fostering and adoption work across the UK is of a high standard".

6th August 2015

BLOG: Is progress being made on the implementation of the Care Act?

BASW Professional Officer Joe Godden reflects on the initial stages of Care Act implementation

4th August 2015

Historic social work meeting agrees joint approach to safeguard and promote a valuable profession

A meeting of UK social work organisations has agreed to campaign collectively to safeguard their valuable profession.

31st July 2015

BASW: Care Act principles in danger of being lost due to patchy training for social workers

Following a survey of members, 75% of whom work in a local authority setting, the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is highlighting a risk of the principles of the care act being lost due to patchy training for social workers. 60% of all respondents said training had been provided ‘in house’ by their employer.

30th June 2015

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