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BASW Adult Practice, Policy and Education Group (PPEG): News Update

This is the first update to be issued by the Adult PPEG since our formation in 2016 and although it will be of most interest to our members working with adults, we hope it will be of interest to all. Adult PPEG Chair, Michael Chapman; 'As Chair of the PPEG I would like to wish all readers a Happy New Year and look forward to having contact from more of you during 2017.'

12th January 2017

NHS Digital's Survey on information and technology support for Social Workers

NHS Digital are inviting as many social workers as possible to share their experiences and suggestions by completing a short online survey which explores how social workers are currently using IT in their role, and what could be done better, to bridge the gap between current availability and their requirements.

11th January 2017

BASW: Mental health social workers must be central to policy change

CEO Dr Ruth Allen responds to the PM's 'Shared Society' speech.

9th January 2017

Tribute to Jill Saward

Tribute to Jill Saward

6th January 2017

Tribute to David Colvin CBE, former head of SASW

David Colvin CBE, a major figure in Scottish social work and within BASW, has died aged 85.

19th December 2016

BASW: PAC report on child protection – consultation with the sector key to progress

As public spending watchdog the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) publishes a report showing progress has been "too slow" in the five and a half years since the Munro Report on child protection, BASW Chief Executive Dr Ruth Allen said good quality research and consultation with the social work profession is needed to really understand what works.

16th December 2016

“We need to get on with it” – New charter to improve social work with disabled people

Social workers and disabled people have jointly produced a charter to improve services for the people who use them. Starting in October 2015 with a premise of “We need to think big and be ambitious for each other”, a working group led by the national network of service users and disabled people Shaping Our Lives and BASW's Adults Policy, Practice and Education Group has now produced a charter for change.

30th November 2016

BASW: Forensic social work capabilities framework essential reading for social workers

Mental health social worker and BASW CEO Dr Ruth Allen has said the newly published forensic mental health social work capabilities framework is essential for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of new and established social workers.

18th November 2016

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