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BASW Cymru: Tackling racism against Romani and Traveller communities

Resources to support the development of anti-racist practice when working with Romani and Traveller families

This is an opportunity for social workers, students, social work educators and social work leaders to begin the process of being educated in understanding the disadvantage and racism experienced by Romani and Traveller families and how they can start to become change-makers.

As part of World Social Work Month, BASW Cymru is holding a special event: 'Social Work with Romani and Traveller Children'.

Please see below for a range of resources BASW Cymru recommends social workers engage with when working with Romani and Traveller families.

Short films on the impact of discrimination and hate speech experienced by Romani and Traveller people


The Truth About Life As A Young Scottish Traveller
A short film made about Crystal's Vardo

The missing voices of disabled Gypsies and Travellers

WATCH: ‘The Missing Voices of Disabled Gypsies & Travellers’ - Vimeo link

RESEARCH: 'The Missing Voices of Disabled People in Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities’ by Dr Peter Unwin, Becki Meakin and Alexandra Jones, School of Allied Health and Community, (University of Worcester November 2020)

Disabled people from the Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) community need statutory and voluntary sector organisations to do more to ensure their needs are met, a new study says.

The report, ‘Including the Missing Voices of Disabled People in the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Community’ concludes that disabled people from the community are put off from accessing health and social care services because of past experience of discrimination in mainstream society, putting pressure on family members and other community members to plug the gap.

Surveys, interviews and focus group research of over 150 people from GRT communities highlighted delays in accessing aids and adaptations, as well as health and social care services, with respondents saying providers were often reluctant to visit GRT sites.  Read more // View the report

‘Our Doors are Open to All'
‘Missing Voices: Voices of Disabled Roma in UK’
‘Missing Voices of Disabled Members of UK Roma Communities’