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*NEW* Bridging the Gap: transitional safeguarding and the role of social work with adults

Ruth Allen, BASW CEO, introduces new briefing and underlines its importance to social workers working with young people transitioning into adulthood.

The briefing is now available to download

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‘Bridging the Gap’ is an important briefing for any social worker in adult services who works with young people as they navigate the transition into adulthood. It is also important for social workers in children’s services – and is fundamentally about how we work together as one profession to protect and support young people.

We all know that transition into adulthood is often complex, confusing and needs sensitive, empathic support. The quality of help for young people at this time – emotional, educational, practical, financial - can lay the foundation for all of adulthood and the transition period can stretch for many years. 

Unfortunately, too often, our services still fail to reflect this reality and fail to work alongside the lived experience and perspectives of young people and the risks they may face. This includes the risks of sexual and emotional exploitation and abuse, which too often has been the subject of harrowing revelations across cities in England; often characterised by young people, mainly young women and girls, being seen to blame for the exploitation they have experienced. 

Age-determined service structures don’t reflect real life, as we still operate 'cliff edge’ services despite the recognition of transition within the Care Act and other relevant policy. 

This Knowledge Briefing is written in the England context but has information, guidance, examples and reflection points that are relevant to all nations of the UK. It has been led by the Chief Social Workers for adults but has been developed as an independent resource and BASW has been involved in shaping it from the beginning. 

We will be promoting this resource through all our channels and groups and exploring how we can support its use through offering learning resources and CPD. 

BASW stands for social work as one profession and this important publication underlines why this is so important. 

Dr. Ruth Allen, BASW CEO