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A message from BASW Chief Executive and Chair during this lockdown

BASW is here now and for the future to support you - please use all our services of support

We are hearing from social workers in different roles and from students around the country about the impact that this new lockdown is having on their morale and wellbeing.

We are very aware of the difficulty of practising in this situation and are aware of the great efforts and dedication that social workers are making while often contending with all kinds of personal and professional challenges. 

As always, BASW is here for you now and for the future.

Please use all our services and support. Its always best to reach out for support earlier rather than later and to connect with things that nourish. Please continue to use our Covid-19 pages to find guidance and information. Our Professional Support Service is available to help you work through whatever is on your mind. We have peer support groups and learning events to help you reflect and learn. If you need advice and representation, our Advice and Representation service will support you.

Feeling a sense of being part of our profession and part of BASW can be uplifting in difficult and good times. Social work has always thrived on its sense of purpose, its ethics, and its fellowship. These are so important to hang on to now and we can develop this through member connectivity through BASW.

Every day, social work makes a difference both in the individual work that we do and the collective influence that we have. People need social workers, our ethical perspectives and our commitment to human rights now. We support one another in this and will continue to do so.

BASW will continue to speak up for social workers – members and non-members – across the UK. We are lobbying and campaigning for you to have the working conditions you need, for you to be able to uphold human rights and effectively help others, and for the social security and support that people in difficulty require.

We see and hear the difference that you make. We are committed to do all we can to bring you through this difficult time, to hold those in power to account, and to build on the best of what social work is – a profession that changes people’s lives even in the most difficult circumstances.

Please keep in touch and take care

Ruth and Gerry

Ruth Allen, BASW CEO and Gerry Nosowska BASW Chair