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Ethical questions for social workers when services are not able to cope with demand

BASW is providing guidance for Social Workers during Covid-19, which has been recently updated to reflect the current situation.

The Covid 19 epidemic continues to pose a major risk to health and wellbeing in the UK. Some hospital services are once again under severe strain and may have to cancel or postpone admissions or hasten discharges.

BASW has updated our guidance:  Ethical questions for social workers when services are not able to cope with demand to provide guidance for social workers at this time.

As demand for services continues to rise, the Government must do all it can to ensure that there is not unsustainable pressure on the vital services that social workers provide, along with our health colleagues, and to safeguard the wellbeing of the workforces during this challenging period.  This includes access vaccines and Covid-19 tests. We remain concerned to hear about problems with online booking systems for vaccines and Covid-19 tests.

Self-care and good professional guidance is also critical during this period.  BASW and SWU have developed a range of professional practice guidance for social workers and employers during Covid 19 including Covid 19 Health and Safety Statement and Guidance, Professional practice guidance for home visits during Covid-19 and guides on self-care during Covid 19.

Read more on resources, information and guidance to support social workers during Covid 19.

The rise of infection is also impacting on people who are at high risk from Covid-19 – both social workers and people we work with. 

We want to see clear public health guidance that puts the wellbeing of people at risk first.