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Review of Children's Social Care 'Case for Change' report: BASW England response

Our response to 'Case for Change' is now available to read and download...

The Review of Children's Social Care recently released its 'Case for Change' report, which it describes as "early thinking about what needs to change in the children’s social care system". The Review requested feedback on the report to help shape its future work.

** Case for Change: Read BASW England's response **

In responding to the Case for Change report, we consulted with BASW England members across all regions via a member survey; four seminars specific to the Review with up to 50 participants each time; BASW's Review steering group; BASW's Children and Families group; ongoing member correspondence by email; and through BASW's ongoing conferences and workshops.

Our member base is rich and diverse in terms of policy, expertise, social work and social care knowledge and practice. Therefore, those engaged in BASW's consultation include frontline social workers, team managers, retired social workers, and allied practitioners across child protection, adult social care and other specialist teams. It also includes registered social workers in management and consultancy roles, social work researchers and educators and practitioners in the voluntary sector and other organisations.