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A short questionnaire for members about BASW in the next phases of the pandemic

Dear member

Since mid-March and start of the Covid19 crisis, BASW has transformed how it works, in line with government and scientific guidance. We have moved most of our existing services and activities on line, developed some new services and activities (such as our new Professional Support Service, new forms of online learning and conferencing and regular bulletins, now three each week)  and moved all staff to work from home. We ceased all but critical business travel for staff and members, and have closed our offices for all but business critical access across the UK.

Our aim throughout the pandemic is to continue to provide you with the best possible support and services, and to continue to speak out for you and those affected by key social issues with all necessary urgency and effectiveness during this ongoing crisis.

We want your views on how BASW is operating and what you hope from us in the coming period CLICK HERE to take the short survey now. Read on for more information about our current operations and our plans for coming months.

In organising how our operations during the pandemic, we have prioritised the health and safety of our staff, members and the public.  We are alert to possible worsening or improvement in the pandemic over this next period but have a framework for managing our business which continues to prioritise safety.

While there has been encouragement for workers to return to usual work bases in recent weeks (with variations across the UK countries), BASW Council has approved our plan for all BASW staff to continue being entirely home based and not routinely travelling on BASW business until at least the end of January 2021. During this period we will keep under review the possibility of occasional socially distanced meetings being held in BASW offices or elsewhere involving staff and/or members. However, we will not require any staff member to attend a face to face meeting, and we are providing personalised risk assessments for all staff.

We are aware that many members are working back in offices and in the community, and managing the attendant risks. We are also aware that some members (and stakeholders) may wish to have access to BASW meeting rooms or wish to meet face to face with BASW staff. Current and predicted risk levels suggest the responsible and ethical approach for any organisation that can work remotely is to continue doing so, for employees’ wellbeing and the wellbeing of all through reducing transmission risks in the community.  We see our primary responsibility as doing all we can to ensure we remain a strong and supportive body for social workers throughout the pandemic, however long it goes on.

However, we need to know what members like you are thinking about how BASW is operating and what you would like from us in coming months. So please do TAKE THE SHORT SURVEY and let us know – so we can keep serving you better.

Best wishes and take care