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Social Workers Union (SWU) celebrates 14,000-member milestone

Felicity Brown is the lucky 14,000 member and will be receiving a gift from SWU to celebrate such an incredible milestone

SWU, the UK’s only specialist union for social workers, has reached a milestone 14,000 members.

Felicity Brown is the lucky 14,000th member and will be receiving a gift from SWU to celebrate such an incredible milestone.

Commenting on her motivations for joining SWU, Felicity said: “I joined BASW and SWU as I have recently started my Social Work Apprenticeship at the University of Gloucester. As a mum of two young girls I feel privileged to be able to take this route into social work as it gives me more time to spend with them!

“I’m particularly interested in reading the journal and magazine articles and hopefully linking them to my learning! Training as a social worker seems like a really big thing to embark on and having the support of the SWU gives me peace of mind. Joining a union has always been on my ‘to-do’ list - and now it is finally done I am happy to be the 14,000th SWU member!”

John McGowan, General Secretary of SWU, said: “Membership continues to rise, showing that we are moving in the right direction and still one of the fastest growing unions in the UK.

“When I was first elected as the General Secretary September 2016 membership was just over 9000 and I would love to see us break through the 15,000-member mark.

“Interest in the union has been incredible and the skilled work of the Advice and Representation team and the sense of belonging to a specialist trade union cannot be overlooked. Although we are separate in our management, I am delighted to have such a close working relationship with BASW.”

Commenting on SWU achieving 14,000 members, Geraldine Nosowska, BASW Chair, said: “I am delighted that more and more social workers are accessing specialist social work trade union support from the Social Workers’ Union.

“SWU and BASW will continue to work closely together to meet social workers’ needs, and to campaign for better working conditions for all who do this vital work.”