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Social work during Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Ongoing Survey open to all social workers

Sharing and learning from each other

**Updated survey 13 May 2020**

BASW wants to hear your ongoing queries and experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic. We first launched the survey on 16 March 2020 and have now added new questions to follow your experiences during Covid-19.  

This vital feedback will help us support you and all social workers, speak out for social work and the rights of people using services, and create a record of this challenging period that we can learn from.

Take the survey

Please fill out this ongoing survey (query and feedback form) as many times as you want to - tell us what is happening and raise social work related queries. Keep in touch.

We welcome both BASW and BASW/SWU members to log-in prior to completing the survey - but this is not essential.  All responses will be treated anonymously and in confidence.

The coronavirus pandemic brings unprecedented challenge and uncertainty in the professional and personal lives of social workers.  

It is vital that you have the support you need to do your job well and safely during this crisis. BASW will be the collective voice of the profession throughout crises and for the long term.

Responding to the initial survey findings, the Social Workers Union General Secretary, John McGowan, stated that ‘The initial response to this survey has been terrific and I would urge all SWU members to engage and share their experiences. The strength of this survey is that it is aimed at all practitioners in a wide range of settings who can individually highlight what challenges are ahead. Each and every view is important to reflect social workers’ experiences of Covid 19 in this qualitative survey’