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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

The team in Scotland are working hard behind the scenes to address and highlight the concerns of our members during the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19. Issues such as inadequate access to PPE, inconsistent approaches to home working across local authorities and concerns around the implications for registration if workers are unable to meet duties, timescales and or usual legal compliance have had particular salience in our engagement with members so far. 

On Tuesday, the Scottish Parliament backed measures contained in the UK emergency legislation, known as the coronavirus bill. We produced briefings ahead of the vote, outlining the concerns of the profession and of our members. In particular, we lobbied around the issue of PPE, and this was subsequently raised in the debating chamber by Sarah Boyack, MSP on our behalf. 

We will continue to lobby and work collaboratively with stakeholders, including Social Work Scotland, OSCWA, the SSSC and decision-makers to answer your queries and concerns and will update you regularly on our activity. 

Keep an eye on UK wide COVID-19 updates, including practice guidance, which will be added to the Coronavirus Hub of the BASW website. 

Don't forget to contact us on to speak to a member of staff, or call 0131 221 9445. 


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