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Coronavirus COVID-19 SASW Update

The response to the Covid-19 outbreak continues to move at pace. The COBRA 4 Nations meeting agreed to move from the Contain Phase to the Delay Phase, with a view to delaying the peak by a few weeks and reducing the severity of the peak by stretching it out over a longer period of time. 

In Scotland, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also announced yesterday that the Scottish Government was advising cancellation of all mass gathering events expected to attract attendances of 500+ that require public service or voluntary sector (police, ambulance service, Local Govt, Red Cross etc) support to plan and deliver. In light of this advice, current SASW events planned for the next few weeks are still going ahead and we do no want to pre-empt government advice guided by the above COBRA agreement and Scottish Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood. 

Measures brought in from Friday, March 13 ask all those showing even mild symptoms - new persistent cough or fever/temp - to self-isolate for 7 days. No need to call GP or NHS24 unless symptoms significantly worsen or if individual has underlying conditions. Mild illness can be expected to last 4-5 days and should clear thereafter, hence the 7 days isolation then return to normal.

Members who are in vulnerable health groups can call NHS 24 for advice and make a decision in their best interests about attending events and meetings. Refunds are available for cancellations on this basis. We advise any members to book flexible travel and accommodation options in case future events have to be postponed due to changing advice. SASW are very committed to continue to put on events if they do need to be rescheduled, and to continue supporting members through what is likely to be a very challenging time for social work in Scotland. 

A fuller statement from BASW UK can be found, here. 

Relevant Scottish Government updates and statements can be found at the links below:


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