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BASW Statement: George Floyd

BASW wholly condemns the murder of George Floyd and the frightening circumstances that led to it.

BASW is shocked and disturbed by the death of George Floyd.  BASW wholly condemns his murder and the frightening circumstances that led to it.

BASW fully stands in solidarity with the whole black community and National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in the USA who have issued a statement on this and related issues of racism and social injustice.

This tragic incident again brings into sharp focus the unacceptable racism that black, Asian and other ethnic communities face in their lives. 

We must stand together as one to fight institutional racism, structural racism and social injustices, and work together to promote a society based on fairness and justice.

Social work has a key role to play in promoting social justice and fairness and BASW will continue to take action to support positive change.

  • The BASW Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group will be putting an action plan together to tackle issues of inequality.
  • BASW is in contact with IFSW on an international response
  • BASW is contacting NASW to share our solidarity and support
  • BASW will continue to call for answers as to why people from BAME communities are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and guidance for those more at risk
  • BASW urges members to contact your MP to call for action to fight racism and social injustices.  You can find your MP here.  We will work with BASW networks, branches and groups to ask that they put pressure on our local MPs