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SWU Social work campaign hits the airwaves

Blog by John McGowan, General Secretary of the Social Workers Union (SWU)

Social Workers Union (SWU) blog update

A new Social Workers Union campaign has taken to the airwaves to broadcast the message that our social workers need support.

A news story we released highlighted the impact of Covid-19 on social workers and the terrible experiences many front-line staff have had. From the South Coast of England to Orkney and Shetland, social workers and Union spokespeople shared the message that we need better working conditions for social workers. 

The media are genuinely interested in hearing from social workers and if you'd like to share your experiences, we can help. Please get in touch.

John McGowan, General Secretary of SWU highlighted that 'our campaign has called on politicians and social work employers to implement a six-point action plan (that you can read online). And we have had significant new support from politicians. This has included a parliamentary question being tabled by Lord Judd'

SWU will be keeping the pressure on government and employers over the summer and we will post regular campaign updates on Twitter which we would urge you to share if you feel comfortable doing so. You can find us at