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Social Workers Union comments on recent strike action in Tower Hamlets

Lien Watts, Assistant General Secretary of the Social Workers Union comments

Council workers in London’s Tower Hamlets, who are members of Unison, have recently undertaken another three days strike against the proposed ‘Tower Rewards’ scheme which seeks to change their working conditions.

Anybody who refuses to accept them are being threatened with being made redundant. The strikers argue that the scheme is more detrimental to lower paid workers, and especially women and workers from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, whilst higher paid workers, including some Social Workers, will see a small increase in their pay.

Despite this, many Social Workers, have joined the picket line as they feel they must stand together in solidarity with their colleagues and we applaud that selfless act.

The Social Workers Union deplores bullying tactics under any circumstances.  We believe that sensible outcomes can be achieved for all parties through genuine, open and respectful dialogue.

Like other unions, whilst the Social workers Union is not able to call out its members in support of the strike, we urge our members not to cross any picket lines.