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*Watch* Black & Ethnic Minority Professionals Symposium (BPS): SMASHING the Glass Ceiling - Employment Skills Event

An informal training event on employment skills for aspiring black, ethnic minority professionals (and students) in social work, social care and allied professions, in partnership with Perrett Laver

This event was brought to you by the BASW Black & Ethnic Minority Professionals Symposium (BPS) in conjunction with Perrett Laver’s BME Leadership Network (BLN) led by Natasha Attipoe, Senior Consultant at Perrett Laver and Wayne Reid, BASW England Professional Officer and Social Worker. 

The event is tailored to black and ethnic minority professionals working in social work, social care, and related professions who wish to improve their employment skills.  You may be a social worker of colour aspiring to be a supervisor or manager or work in a related profession – such as social care.

Watch here:

Black & Ethnic Minority Professionals Symposium (BPS): SMASHING the Glass Ceiling - Employment Skills Event

What is the BPS?

The BPS is a safe online space for Black & Ethnic Minority social workers to educate, empower and equip themselves to navigate the various institutional and structural obstacles they face as professionals. 

The BPS is a necessary opportunity to role-model black and ethnic minority excellence, professionalism and unity.

What does the BME Leadership Network (BLN) offer members?

The BLN uniquely focuses on career development and preparedness for leadership roles with the help of Perrett Laver colleagues and external partners whose values are aligned.

In the long term, the BLN hopes to raise the visibility and awareness of BME talent, including members of the BLN, in support of building a diverse pipeline for leadership  opportunities, as well as increased understanding of the executive search process.

The BLN also serves to support an inclusive space which members can access regardless of the institution or organisations they are affiliated with. If you would like to join the Network or would like to find out more please contact us at

Programme and CV Surgeries

Perrett Laver will be facilitating CV Surgeries and providing advice/support after the event. If you would like to take part in this, please send a copy of your CV to and confirm your availability. Perrett Laver will contact you to book you in for a 10 minute spot at a convenient time.

Please note that CV Surgeries will be running over the course of the week following this event. A Zoom or MS Teams link will be provided with your scheduled time.