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A message from the Chair and CEO: our Mission and Vision

Thank you to all who provided feedback in June on the last draft of the new ‘2025’ BASW Mission and Vision. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. However, we have made some further changes based on very helpful comments and further consideration of wording. 

The Vision and Mission will be put to the membership at the AGM on 15th September.

Please take a look at the ‘final draft’ of the Mission and Vision below and provide any final feedback by clicking through to the webform and submitting your comments by 5pm Monday 7th September.

With best wishes

Gerry Nosowska (Chair)                     Ruth Allen (CEO)


Who we are

BASW: The Professional Association for Social Work and Social Workers

BASW is the professional, member-led body for social work and social workers across the UK. We are independent of governments, regulators and employers. We support and speak out for social work and social workers, and we represent UK social work within the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW).

Our Mission

BASW acts:

  • For social work: Developing professional practice, knowledge, research and learning
  • For social workers: Supporting, protecting and inspiring social workers and the next generation of professionals
  • For a better society: Speaking out for social work and social workers on social justice, equality, poverty, human rights, discrimination and other vital social issues.


  • Provide valued services, resources and opportunities to members and wider social work
  • Develop inclusive peer support, value the diversity of our members and ensure anti-discriminatory approaches underpin all we do
  • Work in partnerships and campaign with people with lived experience of social work, their families and carers.
  • Collaborate with other organisations and professional networks on common agendas
  • Uphold social work ethics and integrity, rooted in the global definition and principles of the International Federation of Social Workers
  • Work with the Social Workers Union and support the vital role of trade unions
  • Adapt, grow and innovate to meet contemporary and future challenges.
  • Are relevant and attractive to social workers, social work academics and students throughout their careers.


Our Vision is:

Social work will be a thriving, influential, respected profession, improving lives and upholding people’s rights across the UK.

To take us towards our Vision, by 2025 BASW will have:

  • Ensured the skills, knowledge and value of social work and social workers are better recognised and valued by politicians, the media and the public
  • Worked more closely and effectively with people using social work services, their families and carers to improve social work and advance social justice and rights
  • Supported more social workers to improve their practice, learning and careers
  • Promoted anti-oppressive social work widely, challenging social injustice and promoting human rights
  • Worked effectively to secure the resources and working conditions social workers need to fulfil their professional and ethical aims, in conjunction with the Social Workers Union and other unions
  • Acted increasingly as the influential voice of social work across the UK through campaigns and the media, tangibly influencing national and local policies and decision makers.