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Get involved in the refresh of PEPS

BASW England calls for members to get involved in the refresh of PEPS

Following the completion of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) refresh, BASW England will now also be undertaking a refresh of the Practice Educators Professional Standards (PEPS) and would welcome your involvement and support.

We want to influence future national standards and the quality assurance processes for training and accreditation, develop good practice guidance for Practice Educators and employers and have an improved infrastructure of support for Practice Educators.

We need your help to do this, please email

The PEPS set out the requirements and standards for practice educators.

Nearly all social workers in training will have had a practice educator at some point (there are a few exceptions, such as fast track courses), so this refresh will be of interest to practice educators as it will offer the opportunity for them to be invested in their own specialist area of social work.

However, we value the experience of all social workers including front line practitioners, managers and supervisors who can contribute towards improving practice standards and ultimately outcomes for service users.

Which is why, the BASW England Professional Capabilities and Development Group undertook a survey in July 2017.

This was to ascertain the views and experiences of BASW members and non-members in relation to the PEPS, training and implementation of the standards.

The survey was undertaken in response to recognition of there being no single organisation hosting the PEPS and no national quality assurance processes or consistency in the application of the standards.

There were 585 responses to the survey and key findings were:

  • Most respondents shared the view that the PEPS were important not least because they provided a framework for the application of theory, knowledge, diversity and values for Practice Education.
  • Students and Practice Educators were particularly mindful of the need for national consistency, quality assurance and maintenance of professional standards.
  • Respondents want the PEPS to be aligned to the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and Knowledge and Skills Statements and for there to be increased clarity for some aspects of the standards.
  • Reference was made for the need for Practice Educators to be both recognised and supported by employers.
  • Survey respondents felt there was considerable variation in how the PEPS were applied throughout England. There was the view that the issue of ownership of the PEPS needed to be addressed by BASW and that the training and support should be a joint venture owned by stakeholders including employers and universities, to maximise learning.
  • Several respondents reported not knowing what the PEPS were. PEPS need to be better publicised and integrated into Continuous Professional Development opportunities and career progression.