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A call to local authorities for models of best practice as part of 80-20 Campaign

BASW England seeks models of relationship-based practice in children and family services

BASW England is issuing a call for expressions of interest from local authorities – and the wider social work sector – to work with us on the latest stage of our 80-20 Campaign.

We are now collating models of best practice to share with partner authorities that are seeking to refocus and model children’s services on relationship-based practice, in order to improve outcomes for children. ​

The 80-20 Campaign is an attempt to reverse the current trend which sees social workers spending close to 80 per cent of their time doing administrative and process driven activities, while only 20 per cent of their time is spent in direct contact, building relationships with children and families.

A survey of BASW England’s members revealed that social workers are frustrated that they are spending too much time on administration tasks, instead of direct relationship-based work with children and families.

A summary of the survey findings including evidence from social workers and recommendations for change, is available here.

Therapeutic, reflective, relationship-based practice is the best way for social workers to bring effective and positive change to vulnerable children and families, it is apt that the theme for World Social Work Day over the next two years is ‘relationships’.

We need to redefine what ‘good’ social work looks like along a relationship-based practice approach, making 80-20 Campaign a relevant opportunity to make an effective change.

We are now open to expressions of interest from providers of social work and care including local authorities and unitary authorities who are happy to share models of best practice that increases the direct time social workers spend with children and families, as well as any organisation that wants to discuss the possibility of working with us to improve their service delivery.

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