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BASW and Chief Social Workers issue joint statement on how the Professional Capabilities Framework aligns with the Knowledge and Skills Statement

A joint statement between BASW CEO Dr Ruth Allen and the two Chief Social Workers for England, Lyn Romeo and Isabelle Trowler, has been released which describes the relationship between the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and the Knowledge and Skills Statement for Children and Families and Adults (KSS).

With the PCF providing an overarching framework for social work in England for all levels across all practice areas, and the KSS setting out what is expected of qualified social workers in particular work and practice contexts, the two work together to provide a clear, detailed pathway for professionals to reference their skills and knowledge across all settings and roles in social work.

In addition, the PCF and KSS stand as firm benchmarks from which social workers can reliably assess their continued professional development and career progression.

The statement is available here.