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Social Work in Disasters CPD Training - Practitioner Engagement Event

This Q&A event aims to support social workers/practitioners to engage with the free Social Work in Disasters CPD course.

This event builds off the national launch event for the free to access social work in disasters CPD course, which you can find here.

This event is designed specifically as an opportunity social workers  to ask questions about the resources, prepare for undertaking the course, and to understand the commitment and benefits the course entails. The event will be largely based around a question and answer format, so please consider coming with questions prepared.

The training materials were developed through a collaboration between The Open University, BASW, University of Stirling and many other partners through the BASW Social Work in Disasters Working Group. More details on the ongoing work of that group can be found here.

The Social Work in Disasters CPD is based around four modules, each taking four hours, and worked through by social workers independently or collaboratively. Therefore, the course overall requires a commitment of about two days.

A pilot study of the training found that it was overwhelmingly positively received by social workers working in a range of contexts, including in relation to enhanced knowledge and self-confidence in working in disasters. Some selected quotes from participants include:

It was really refreshing to do the training and kind of be reminded these are what our ethics and values are and this is how we can respond.

The CPD course really made me think about attachment and strength-based working and resilience and systems.

I think as well there is a real culture around training where we are either sort of passive listeners and then we’re asked to complete a sort of satisfaction questionnaire at the end… This one requires me to reflect a bit more and it’s a bit more research.

The full pilot report can be found here.

The full training course can be accessed for free, including the workbook and details on how to start, here.

A separate engagement event for employers/managers has also been planned, which you can sign up to here.

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