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Personalisation Training

Part of BASW's Professional Development & Education Taught Skills Programme

This half day training is co-produced by Integritas Support Ltd, a small, private company that aspires to promote the dignity, self-determination, legal and human rights of individuals and We Can Do It Training CIC, a group of trainers with learning disabilities who work in partnership with other trainers to make sure the voice and experience of people with a learning disability is at the heart of all staff learning.

Learning aims for Personalisation half-day training:

  1. Understand the role of values in working alongside others to support meaningful “personalisation”.
  2. Learn how to apply some “person-centred tools” to support and empower all service users.
  3. Hear first-hand personal stories about how these “tools” have helped some service users to live more independent and fulfilled lives. 
  4. Appreciate where “personalisation” comes from (brief history) in order to understand how it is more than a series of “tools” – it is about your attitudes and values in supporting others.
  5. Have a greater understanding of the range of social policy that underpins “personalisation”.

This is a highly interactive and fun learning experience with many different exercises and tools to consider using with others.  In 2018, we trained staff in day centres, who found this “inspirational” and within medium and low secure psychiatric units.  The tools and exercises are applicable in any setting and with any service user.

Trainer Biographies:

Ed Morecroft is the Director of We Can Do It Training, CIC.  He has delivered training on Personalisation (for over ten years), Positive Risk Taking, Safeguarding, The Mental Capacity Act and Disability Hate crime across a range of different NHS, Local Authorities, Universities and Providers.  In 2014, he joined a group of health and social care staff to teach  staff within Bosnia for a week.  He has been awarded a People’s Award from the National Learning Disability Conference and was invited to Buckingham Palace for one of the Queen’s Garden Parties in 2016.  

Ed is a Parish Counsellor and has acted in his local pantomines for over 30 years.  He was a former Day Centre user for 8-9 years, manages his direct payment and has had input from health and social care for 35+ years.

Sharon Walker is the Vice Chair of We Can Do It Training CIC.  She has also delivered training on Personalisation and person-centred tools for over ten years to advocacy services, Local Authorities and NHS Trusts.  She also delivers training on Learning Disability Awareness to the Police and has done so for many years.  Sharon was never expected to be able to live independently (quite the contrary) but moved into her own flat at the end of 2018.  Sharon also does voluntary work for the British Heart Foundation. 

Wendy Silberman is a Director of Integritas Support Ltd, a small, private company that aspires to promote the dignity, self-determination, legal and human rights of individuals.  Integritas provides information and independent social work assessments for people with complex needs and training for practitioners and carers supporting them.  Wendy is a dual qualified practitioner – social worker and teacher with over 40+ years of direct experience supporting individuals and their families/social support network in different community and organisational settings in both the UK and USA, where she originates.  Wendy is a passionate advocate of Human Rights and authentic co-production, she is an advisor to The Board of We Can Do It Training (for 9 years) and collaborates with another service user organisation, Autism R Us, to ensure that an individual’s lived experience is incorporated into training to hear what can happen when ‘process’ over-rides ‘humanity’. 


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