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BASW England 80-20 Conference 2020 in Partnership with the University of Sussex’s Talking and Listening to Children KITBAG Campaign

Join us for our second 80-20 campaign conference

This interactive event is for social work practitioners, principal  social workers, researchers and managers from across the social care sector interested in implementing service design and changes to business systems that support social workers to spend more time undertaking ‘direct work’ with families and children.

BASW England is working with the University of Sussex’s Talking and Listening to Children KITBAG Campaign for a second year, to support social workers and organisations to improve and develop working practices that enable and encourage social workers to spend more time working directly with children and families. This event will focus on the progress made my local authorites given kitbags one year on from our first 80-20 conference, how relationship based practice has helped people with lived experience and examples of good practice to enable the recording of relationship-based practice.

Key Speakers

  • Gillian Ruch, Professor of Social Work University of Sussex 
  • Lee Pardy-McLaughlin, PCFSW Coventry City Council
  • Carol Sibley, PCFSW Rotherham Metroplitan Borough Council
  • Lisa Pascoe, Ofsted
  • Rebecca Watts, Lead Practitioner Brighton and Hove City Council
  • Anna Sexton, MIRRA Project


Our opening workshop will provide an overview of the Talking and Listening to Children research and the contribution Kitbag is making to transform how social workers think about and undertake their communication with children and families. The Principal Social Workers and social workers from two local authorities will talk about their experiences of introducing Kitbag to children and families and how it has helped to open up challenging conversations and promote emotional literacy. 

The Child's Voice - In this session we will hear from someone with care experience about the importance of records being created with the needs of the child in mind. This part of the conference will be invaluable for social workers, managers (frontline and senior) and supervisors who wish to improve the standard and accessibility of recording. 

Case recording: Organisational Culture - This will be a panel session made up of professionals drawing on good examples of recording and will be helpful to anyone wishing to hear how local authorities have improved the standards of recording, what research tells us and what Ofsted sees as best practice.

This full day conference with lunch, refreshments and materials is £25.00 for BASW members, £50.00 for non-members and £15 for students.

The conference is also CPD certified for 7 hours.

This event was previously scheduled for 21/05/2020 and will take place subject to Covid-19 guidelines. We will keep you updated of any neccesary changes.

View videos from last years conference here

Contents of the Kitbag