World Social Work Day 2015

BASW’s World Social Work Day focus

World Social Work Day, held this year on 15 March, is an annual occasion when social workers around the globe highlight their work and receive the recognition their invaluable contribution to society - in countries all over the planet - deserves.

Below you can find out about BASW’s contribution to the 2016 celebrations, events taking place in your UK country and much more besides.

Message from BASW UK Chief Executive Bridget Robb: Greetings to all social workers on World Social Work Day

Today we live in a turbulent world. We are witnessing a degree of mass migration around the world, which we have not experienced since the Second World War. We are seeing how people are not prepared to just put up with war, terror and poverty - they will walk seeking greater freedoms and security, and pay traffickers to help them.

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Stand Up For Social Work
Inspired by Community Care’s, Stand Up for Social Work campaign, BASW is asking members to tweet a selfie and say why you’re standing up for social work on World Social Work Day 2016. Simply print out a copy of the poster by following the link below, take a selfie and post using the hashtag #WSWD16. Please tag us in your tweet @BASW_UK.

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BASW England

BASW England & Compass
16 March 2016 at the Thinktank, Millennium Point, Birmingham

12.20 - 13.00 BASW England World Social Work Day Seminar: The age assessment of children: examining the truth and myths

Separated, unaccompanied, migrant and asylum seeking children have been coming to the UK since the arrival of the Basque children during the time of the Spanish civil war and the rise of Franco. In 1939 the government allowed 10,000 unaccompanied children fleeing Nazi persecution into the country. A key difference between these children and those arriving since the war in the Balkans and in particular Kosovo, is that children and young people in the 21st century have no documentation and meet a culture of suspicion and disbelief. A feature of this is the issue of age disputes with most being challenged on their claimed age. The picture of what happens with regard to “assessing” their age is varied and unclear, with truths, myths and untruths. This workshop will examine these and look at how the various professions do and do not participate. There will be no clear answers, as these are not possible but a lively and honest debate is anticipated. 

Karen Goodman, Professional Officer, BASW England 

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On arrival all visitors will receive an event programme including a seminar timetable and all exhibitor profiles.

A free copy of COMPASS, the annual guide to social work and social care 2016 will also be available to all visitors.

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 01892 784804 or email:

Social Work Pen Pals

To mark World Social Work Day 2016 BASW England have brought together two social workers from different parts of the world to share their ideas and experiences. The two volunteers were Helen Gormley, a student social worker and a member of BASW England, and Peter Choate, an academic from Canada. Helen and Peter recently spent some time communicating face-to-face via social media and have kindly shared their views through their online video diaries.

Why not add your views and ideas too? Just tweet using the hashtag: #swpenpals.

BASW Cymru

Dignity and Worth of Peoples: World Social Work Day event at Cardiff University

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NIASW Annual Meeting followed by World Social Work Day Celebration

Child Protection Social Work Across the Atlantic: Sharing experiences from Toronto to Northern Ireland

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Join with the discussion on Twitter at: #AskKarynCanada


SASW Awards

Scotland launched its Social Services Vision and Strategy 2015-2020 on World Social Work Day, last year. Our vision is for “a socially just Scotland with excellent social services delivered by a skilled and valued workforce which works with others to empower, support and protect people, with a focus on prevention, early intervention and enablement.”

SASW is a partner in this important initiative and the SASW Social Work Awards 2016 recognise the unique contribution our social workers make towards this vision.

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Non BASW events

Canterbury Christ Church University - Reflecting on the work of Irena Sendler

Canterbury Christ Church University Social Work Team invites you to join them on Tuesday 15 March 2016 to celebrate World Social Work Day. The day will reflect on the work of Irena Sendler the social worker who saved 2,500 Jewish children during World War II.

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Nottingham Trent University - Celebrate global social work with us

Nottingham Trent University invites you to join them on Tuesday 15 March 2016 to celebrate World Social Work Day. The day includes rhythms from around the world with social work community drumming, engaging short international perspectives and other topics relevant to the WSWD theme.

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University of Portsmouth - Not all disabilities are visible

Portsmouth University invites you to join them on Tuesday 15 March 2016 to celebrate World Social Work Day.

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Why I’m proud to be a social worker

On World Social Work Day, Kirsty Eastwood explains why there’s no other job she’d rather do.

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