BASW England Domestic Abuse Guidance Launch
This event marks the official launch of the BASW England Domestic Abuse Guidance for social workers (Recorded 18th March 2021).
World Social Work Day: Ubuntu - I am because we are
A webinar discussing the spirit and philosophy of "Ubuntu" and what it means to our guest speakers and the communities where they live and work. (Recorded 16th March 2021)
Digital Direct: Performing social work online Webinar
Speakers including those with lived experience will reflect on practices and lessons here and abroad. (Recorded 15th March 2021)
Social Work with Romani and Traveller Children Webinar
This free webinar will focus on social work with Romani and Traveller children. (Recorded 11th March, 2021)
Poverty is a Political Choice: A Social Justice Response to Addressing Economic Deprivation
The webinar will explore what needs to be done on both sides of the Irish border, both in terms of short-term measures and long-term strategic approaches. (Recorded 4th March, 2021)
BASW Northern Ireland Making a Difference Around the World
Making a Difference Around the World
BASW NI in conversation with frontline social workers from across the world. (Recorded 2nd March 2021.)