BASW are pleased to confirm that Council have agreed for the launch of a UK Independents Action Network to sit as a sub-group of the BASW Professional Development and Education committee.

We are now welcoming BASW members to submit an expression of interest.

Are you –

  • Interested in shaping and influencing the future work of BASW Independents activities?
  • Currently subscribing to the Independents Basic or Independents Plus enhanced membership package?
  • Able to commit to 6 virtual meetings per annum (these will be held early evening and are expected to run no longer than 90 minutes)?
  • Able to attend 1 in-person meeting per annum (reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed)?
  • Available to commit to a 2-year term?

Proposed objectives of this committee:

  • to act in accordance with an Independents focused plan agreed by the Action Network and Professional Development and Education committee which is consistent with the aims and objectives of the Association;
  • to further the objects of the Association with Independents;
  • to co-ordinate input from the Local Networks’ in relation to the affairs of Independents with the Association;
  • to contribute to the development of services and CPD activities for independents
  • to co-operate with any other organisations and persons engaged in Independents related activities;
  • to deal with such other matters as may, from time to time, be referred to by Local Networks or by the BASW Professional Development and Education committee.