With the worsening war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis building day by day, BASW is continuing to work with colleagues across Europe and add our voice and influence to bring pressure on the UK Government to insist it provides urgent humanitarian routes for refugees from Ukraine, in line with our position of promoting human rights for all refugees and asylum seekers. 

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and all affected communities and countries. 

We will continue to provide regular updates for members and share the latest resources from partners. 

Please do keep checking this page for our latest updates.




  • Social Work and the war in Ukraine - update 18th May 2022.  Ukraine and other wars, general update, creating new guidance, experiences of social work across borders (IFSW report) and Roma in Ukraine 
  • BASW is creating social worker guidance to support the role of social work in refugee crisis. Any members interested in helping with developing, drafting or providing feedback on social worker guidance, please email policyadmin@basw.co.uk 
  • On 6 April BASW wrote to Michael Gove, Secretary of State, who is currently charged with responsibility for Ukrainian refugees, expressing our concerns with the delays, safeguarding, and the support available in the UK for Ukrainian refugees.  We are still awaiting a response.
  • BASW is holding a regular online member meeting on Ukraine to share concerns, ideas and longer-term plans. Any member can ask to be kept informed of specific developments by emailing us or let us know if you would like to attend the meetings policyadmin@basw.co.uk
  • Social workers are on the front-line of the Ukrainian refugee crisis in Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) is the world-wide body that represents national social work organisations. At the request of the Secretary General of the IFSW, BASW members overseeing the use of our International Development Fund (IDF) have decided to donate £10,000 to the fund established by IFSW for resources to go directly to social workers in Ukraine and to support the coordinating and support activities of colleagues at the borders.
  • Following our statement on 23rd March 2022, BASW asked for a follow up question in the Westminster Parliament on further details of safeguarding checks on those who have offered their homes to arriving refugees.  On 28 March Alex Cunningham MP, who put the question forward after discussion with BASW, received a response.  The answer echoes previous Government announcements.  Read the full response here.  BASW understands from members working in local authority settings that some safeguarding checks are being carried out on households welcoming Ukrainians.  We will provide further updates on this.

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BASW statements and action

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Statements, information and resources by BASW partners

International Federation of Social workers (IFSW). 

Statement by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW): MILITARY AGGRESSION IN UKRAINE

The IFSW has put a call out for funds to support volunteer social work efforts in in the main refugee countries (where there may be fewer state funded social work services able to respond to need).

> Read more:  FSW statements

> Read more:  IFSW share lessons from the frontline of the Ukraine refugee crisis

Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs)

BASW is supporting an open letter from the President of the Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) on the war against Ukraine in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.  

“As the Conference of INGOs we condemn this act of violence and are in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, as well as the people in Russia and Belarus who stand up against their criminal and un-lawful governments and protest against an unjust war, risking their freedom, health and lives in defending the values of the Council of Europe.”   Ruth Allen, BASW CEO is the official representative for the International Federation of Social Work Europe who are members of the Conference of INGOs.The Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) is a representative body which has participatory status with the Council of Europe.

The Social Workers Union (SWU)

SWU in solidarity with Ukraine.  The Social Workers Union (SWU) stands in solidarity with Ukrainian people and the brave Russian people who have been protesting this war.



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Actions members can take 

BASW suggests the following actions that many members could take at a local level:

  • Find out who is coordinating support and safeguarding visits for Ukraine refugees in your local authority area and find out what advice is available for refugees and hosts
  • If none is available or it is inadequate, raise this with the relevant managers/leaders
  • If refugees are coming to your area, find out how safeguarding checks for adults and children are being done and alert local refugee and safeguarding leads to the risks of the ‘social media’ ‘matching’ scheme
  • Check whether there are arrangements being put in place to support hosts and if not, suggest this to local coordinators
  • See if there is planning in place to protect people in cases of hosting arrangements break down
  • Reach out to Ukrainian community support organisations and see if you can provide information or signpost them to further help and resources, whether statutory or voluntary
  • Write to your MP and/or local Councillors about local and/or national concerns. Let BASW know what response you get.

We will continue to develop the advice and suggestions for members and also get and share feedback from members about the actions they are taking.

How you can support 

Many members have asked for information of how they can support Ukrainian people and others affected by the war.  Here are some useful links:


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Government advice on Ukraine refugee schemes 



Both Scotland and Wales have decided upon additional assistance measures and their Governments can be listed as sponsors under the sponsorship scheme.


Northern Ireland


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#IStandwithUkraine #StopWar.