Julia Feast OBE, MA, AASW, CQSW

Julia Feast OBE, is an Independent Consultant, specializing in the life-long issues of being adopted, in care and donor-conceived.  In the past she has worked as the Policy, Research and Development Consultant for CoramBAAF and BAAF, and managed the post-adoption and care counselling research project, The Children’s Society, worked as a local authority social worker and team manager, and also as a children’s guardian and reporting officer. She is an experienced social worker, trainer and researcher. She has particular interest in the identity and information rights and needs of adopted people, adult care leavers and donor conceived people. She is a member of the Birth Registration Campaign Group and the Access to Care Records Campaign Group as well as the South East Post Adoption Network. Julia has been a member of PROGAR for 20 years

Selected Publications


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Articles and Chapters

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