General resources

Alcohol Change UK

Harm reduction information and advice -

Change Grow Live (CGL)

Provider of local substance misuse services in various parts of the UK

Drink Aware

Information and advice about potential harms from alcohol

Drink Wise Age Well

Project for supporting people to healthier choices about alcohol as they age

London Friend

Support and information for the LGBT community around substance misuse -


Database of local substance misuse services -

Recoverist Network

Activist network focusing on promoting Recovery from substance misuse problems -


Legal advice and information for people affected by substance misuse problems

Talk to Frank

Accessible information about alcohol and other drugs -

Turning Point

Substance misuse service provider and professional resources -

Children and families resources


Resources for families affected by drugs and alcohol -

Children’s Society

Collection of information, guidance and resources on parental substance misuse -

Family Drug and Alcohol Court

Specialist court system currently serving various local authorities across England and Northern Ireland -


Resource focused on parental substance misuse and how to support children living with parents who misuse alcohol and drugs -

Professional resources

Alcohol Policy UK

News and analysis for the alcohol harm reduction field

Drug and Alcohol Findings

Linking practice to research in the field of alcohol and drug use -


Promoting evidence-based information on drugs, alcohol and tobacco

End of life care for people with problematic substance use

Research and practice guidance -

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction

Overview of research evidence relating to European drug use and drug problems -

Expert Citizens

Organisation of experts by experience with multiple needs, campaigning for better services and national policy -

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Includes guidance for professionals on working with clients with alcohol and other drug problems -

Neptune Clinical Guidance

Supporting clinical practice in the management of harms resulting from the use of club drugs and novel psychoactive substances -

Social Care Institute for Excellence

Provides information and guidance around issues of substance related harms and good practice -

Stella Project

Addressing domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health

Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Campaigning organisation for changes to drug policy -

Working with Substance Use

Practice guidance for health and social care professionals -

Nation specific resources


Public Health England

Drug misuse and dependency policies and research -

Harmful drinking policies and research -


Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alcohol harm reduction resource -

Scottish Drugs Forum

Policy and research website -

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs

Information and advice website -

Scottish Government Alcohol and Drug Treatment Strategy

Scottish Government information and advice on alcohol use

Scottish Government Good Practice guide for Children and Families/substance misuse working


National Assembly for Wales

Discussion of the state of alcohol and substance abuse in Wales -

Welsh Substance Misuse Strategy

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland policy summary for alcohol and drug misuse

Northern Irish guidance and information on local services

Compiled by Luke Bryan-Lai and Wulf Livingston. This version March 2019