It supports and grants recognition to groups of members pursuing specific interests in order to influence policy, promote effective practice and develop members’ careers. Find out more about the established UK-wide special interest groups.

Alcohol and other drugs

This Special Interest Group addresses the impact of alcohol and other drugs on social work practice and policy. This group has produced a practice guide for social workers and is active in organising webinars and conferences.

Family Group Conference

The Family Group Conference promotes an effective form of intervention for families in social work. As a collective, this group is interested in researching the evidence base for family group conference and exists alongside BASW as a forum for all models of family group practice in the UK. It’s led by University of Birmingham’s Professor Paul Montgomery and Joan Rapaport, and includes some of the significant providers of family group conferencing in the UK.

Immigration Asylum Trafficking

The Immigration Asylum Trafficking promotes ethical and effective practice in this area of social work. The group advocates the rights for undocumented migrants and protection of the rights of children subject to immigration proceedings.

Project Group on Assisted Reproduction (PROGAR)

The Project Group on Assisted Reproduction (PROGAR) has a long-standing relationship with BASW. The group includes national experts in this area of social work practice and seeks to influence UK policy in this area, advocate rights of people affected by assisted reproduction and promote effective social work practice.