It supports and grants recognition to groups of members pursuing specific interests in order to influence policy, promote effective practice and develop members’ careers. Find out more about the established UK-wide special interest groups.

Alcohol and other drugs

The Alcohol and other Drugs (AOD) special interest group (SIG) consists of practitioners, managers and academics who come together to share information, promote and develop knowledge, produce resources and consider policy.

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Family Group Conference

The Family Group Conference (FGC) Special Interest Group seeks to integrate FGCs into social work practice, research evidence, and publicise the model through events. The group is interested in identifying models of FGCs, which are considered effective by practitioners and are informed by best evidence. To this end, the group also aims to promote research of FGCs through conferences and to seek funding to research effective models.

With a UK-focus, the FGC group was formed by Professor Paul Montgomery, Dr Joan Rappaport, Clio Weissman and Andrew Broome and is supported by Dr Godfred Boahen (Policy and Research Officer). It has steadily increased membership and profile and now recognises itself as part of a consortium of networks in FGC including Daybreak and the Family Rights Group.

To achieve it’s aims the group has an ambitious agenda including seminars, conferences, and policy-making and influencing. It’s first event will be held jointly with Daybreak, University of Birmingham, Social Work Workforce Research Unit, and Making Research Count on 27 September 2018. The event is fully booked and oversubscribed, highlighting the interest in this group’s work.

Immigration Asylum Trafficking

The Immigration Asylum Trafficking promotes ethical and effective practice in this area of social work. The group advocates the rights for undocumented migrants and protection of the rights of children subject to immigration proceedings. The group is currently Chaired by Karen Goodman and assisted by Helen Randle (Policy & Research Administrator).   

Project Group on Assisted Reproduction (PROGAR)

The Project Group on Assisted Reproduction (PROGAR) has a long-standing relationship with BASW. The group includes national experts in this area of social work practice and seeks to influence UK policy in this area, advocate rights of people affected by assisted reproduction and promote effective social work practice.