These groups of members work together to influence UK policy and and share knowledge and expertise.

The Children and Families PPEG promotes good practice in children and family social work by disseminating information and seeking to influence UK policy. The group includes academic members, senior managers and social workers. The group’s work includes responding to government calls for evidence and contributing to the ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ statutory guidance.

Criminal Justice

This group recognises the important overlaps between social work and the criminal justice system. Members are concerned about the protection of prisoners’ rights and how social work can contribute to maintaining wellbeing as well as the entering or reentering into the criminal justice system.

Mental Health

The influential Mental Health PPEG consists of experienced practitioners in mental health and mental capacity. The group influences UK policy and aims to make mental health social work practice more humane and ethical. The group’s work includes a submission to the Mental Health Act review.

Social Work with Adults

The England-specific Social Work with Adults PPEG was established promote social work with adults. The group is continuing work on an adult social care green paper and took an active role in the formation of the capabilities statement for social work in England who work with older people.