Professional Social Work magazine has featured several insightful and informative articles on a range of topics and issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion in social work:

Why aren’t we calling out antisemitism? Reflections of a Jewish social worker

As a profession committed to challenging discrimination, social work can be deafeningly silence when it comes to racism experienced by Jewish people, says Victoria Hart.

Disappointed and dispirited: the experiences of diaspora social workers in Britain today

Social workers from overseas continue to face challenges to successfully establishing a career in the UK - a combination of bureaucracy and racism, according to the Diaspora Working Group of the BASW International Committee.

'Disabled social workers are experiencing discrimination at work'

For Disability History Month and to mark 25 years since the Disability Discrimination Act came into being, practitioner Vikki Walton-Cole shares her vision of what an inclusive social work profession could look like.

Anti-racism in social work: 'the struggle is real and you are part of it'

Academic Zoe Thomas on why she's backing a day of action by students, other academics and practitioners on 19 March calling for anti-racism to be taught on social work courses and in practice.

Bid to banish 'oppressive' language in social work

Practitioners, academics, people with lived experience and students launch campaign.

'George Floyd's murder was the catalyst for my focus on anti-racist social work'

Wayne Reid tells PSW of the motivation behind him becoming BASW's first anti-racism lead officer.



There are several episodes of BASW’s very own podcast, Let’s Talk Social Work, that focus on EDI and anti-racism in social work and wider society.

Exploring intersectionality in British Asian LGBTQIA+ Communities

This episode, made for Pride Month 2021, explores challenges facing British Asian LGBTQIA+ and the ways in which social workers can better support this community. Andy McClenaghan is joined by Siddhi Joshi, founder and chairperson of British Asian LGBTI online support group, Khakan Qureshi, Founder of Finding A Voice and co-administrator of British Asians LGBTI and Narinder Sidhu, former Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead Officer with BASW.


Andy McClenaghan is joined by Mit Joyner, President of the National Association of Social Workers in the USA, and Shantel Thomas, BASW Anti-Racism Lead to discuss the issue of structural and institutional racism in the UK and the USA.

The conversation explores the impacts of structural and institutional racism and considers the issue in the context of the murder of George Floyd, the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sewell Report, the Windrush Scandal and the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The episode concludes by examining how social workers can be agents of change by promoting anti-racist values and practice.

Challenging the last acceptable form of racism

Dr Dan Allen from Manchester Metropolitan University and the award-winning storyteller, author and playwright, Richard O’Neill join Andy McClenaghan to discuss the discrimination experienced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Communities across the UK. They explore the changes that are needed to ensure social workers support these communities and address the prejudice and intolerance they face.

Anti-Racism in Social Work: BASW England Films and Presentations

Triple 'A' Chinwag: BASW England mini-series.  A BASW England mini-series exploring "authentic anti-racist allyship"

More webinars and presentations to be added over the coming weeks.

BASW England & Think Ahead 'Anti-racism in Social Work'
Anti-racism in Social Work: University of Derby presentation by Wayne Reid
What Works Centre & BASW England: 'Anti-Racism in Social Work'
‘Anti-racism in Social Work’ - a presentation delivered at Lewisham LA and Goldsmiths Uni of London

Enter the BPS

Black and Ethnic Minority Professionals Symposium

‘Enter the BPS’ is an informal showcasing of diverse knowledge, skills and expertise of members from the BPS.

The event is compered by Claudia Crawley who is an awarding winning mentor, executive coach, career coach and anti-racist consultant.  Outside work, Claudia is a budding stand-up comedian, having trained at the Comedy School in London and later with Logan Murray, in 2018.  Claudia became a regular on the London open mic comedy scene until lockdown.

Hear from Claudia as she introduces the event and invites BPS members to share their social work backgrounds, reasons for joining the group, achievements, and insights.

‘Enter the BPS’ with Claudia Crawley & Wayne Reid - featuring member presentations