Anti-Poverty Practice

We are working to embed anti-poverty practice in social care. Awareness of poverty is included in all of our professional development activities. 

The Anti-Poverty Practice Guide for Social Work

The guide was launched in September 2019 to support the practice of social workers working with people living in poverty.

BASW and SWU have developed a Campaign Action Pack to encourage anti-austerity activity locally, regionally and nationally across the UK.

The step-by-step guide outlines everything from how to organise public meetings, rallies and awareness-raising film nights to setting up petitions, lobbying and contacting the press. 

Austerity Action Group (AAG)

Austerity Action Group is a key vehicle in SWU and BASW’s ongoing campaign for a more socially just environment.

Born out of the Boot Out Austerity Group, AAG is marching on, tackling the same crucial strands in society – poverty and inequality – that continue to negatively affect people who use social services.

International campaigning

At its meeting in October 2015, held in Brussels, Belgium, the European Anti-Poverty Network’s (EAPN) EU Inclusion Strategies Group decided to mandate a Task Force, upon a proposal from EAPN Denmark, to work on a comprehensive handbook looking at poverty as a violation of Human Rights, from an anti-poverty perspective.

The Task Force included BASW member Fran McDonnell, and this handbook is now available to view here.