Dr Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson is a well-published and highly respected author, an experienced and successful training facilitator, a much sought-after consultant and an international conference speaker.

A social worker who established himself as a leading thinker in the field, Neil continues to play a role in shaping social work theory and practice.

He has a wealth of experience helping people deal with problems across the ‘people professions’. This includes working to increase understanding of human relations issues in the workplace to improve the wellbeing of staff, as well as empowering individuals and groups to fulfil their potential.

Check out his website and blog are at:

Dr Catherine Poulter

Catherine Poulter has worked in social services for over 40 years. She trained as a psychiatric social worker. Her work has taken her from Wales to the North West of England, Zambia and back to Wales. She currently works as a consultant with interests in research, practice standards and gerontology. She was a member of the first BASW Cymru Committee (and its predecessor, the BASW Cymru Reference Group) and also one of the first members of the Care Council for Wales.

Gareth Powell

Gareth Powell has worked in social care for over 20 years. He has experience working in all client groups, most notably in Older People Services, where he was a Principal Officer in Swansea Social Services for 7 years. In 2014 Gareth established Care Support Services (  At present he is developing a project with partners to address issues of social isolation. He is interested in the development of partnerships across sectors and the role of small community enterprises to effect positive change.

Ceryl Davies

Dr Ceryl Teleri Davies is a qualified Solicitor and Social Worker, with a MA degree in both work areas, a postgraduate diploma in Community and Criminal Justice, and qualifications in Mental Health. Ceryl has extensive practice-based experience across social care, criminal justice and learning disability services, including work on a multi-agency basis to support children, young people and vulnerable adults at practitioner, middle and senior management level. Ceryl’s research interests are focused on exploring the nature of young people’s intimate relationships, domestic abuse, healthy relationships and also learning disabilities. Ceryl has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels on Education, Law, Criminology and Social Work degrees. Ceryl is currently working as a Social Work Lecturer at Bangor University, North Wales.


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