This webinar will cover the working conditions of social workers, research findings around 'Spectrums' of emotional resilience in social work practice and making well-being a reality.

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation and resources for We're In This Together: Resilience and Well-being in Social Work Webinar


John McGowan, General Secretary, Social Workers Union will open the webinar presenting issues for social workers based on member feedback and trends regarding referrals to the SWU Advice and Representation Service.   Part of this will focus on the importance of good (not just adequate) working conditions for social workers and what this might look like based on Local Authorities where recruitment and retention has been a positive experience.

Sarah Rose, Teaching Fellow and PhD Researcher, University of Edinburgh will share some of her findings from her research into the emotional resilience of social workers.  It will identify 'spectrums' on which there is an optimal point where the resilience of social workers can most effectively be sustained.  One such example is the extent to which social workers show empathy to service users while retaining a sufficient level of detachment to avoid experiencing vicarious trauma.  Sarah will discuss how the use of such spectrums to understand emotional resilience enables a 'systems' perspective which recognises the dynamic nature of resilience and the impact of external, as well as individual, factors.

Dr Neil Thompson, Independent Writer, Educator and Adviser, will be building on his work in promoting a sociological approach to resilience and well-being, presenting some practical strategies for supporting one another in keeping stress at bay, staying confident and developing meaningful approaches to well-being.  Critical of common superficial and simplistic approaches, Neil encourages us to think more critically and holistically about what it means to not only survive in social work, but also thrive.