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7 May - Guardian - Should reporting child abuse be compulsory? (David Niven & Kieran File)

8 May - Guardian - 'Stop punishing the poor' - what social care wants from the government (Guy Shennan)

12 May - - Whatever the election result, we social workers will stand up for the disenfranchised (Allan Norman)

13 May - BBC Radio Cumbria - Cumbria County Council gets ‘inadequate’ rating (David Niven)

13 May - BBC R4 World Tonight - Fall in adoption rates following Munby ruling (David Niven)

14 May - BBC Radio Nottingham - Notts social workers’ caseloads higher than national average (Nushra Mansuri)

13 May - CYP Now - Cafcass chief: care application rises set to continue (Nushra Mansuri)

14 May - BBC Radio Derby - Social worker caseloads in Derby are much higher than the national average (Nushra Mansuri & Janet Foulds)


10 April - - Jailing social workers is a political PR stunt (Allan Norman)

13 April - Labour pledges to back fast-track social work scheme and oppose 'extreme' cuts (Nushra Mansuri)

20 April - BBC R4 PM Programme - Mother can live with paedophile 'as she locks two daughters in bedroom at night' (David Niven)

28 April - BBC Midlands Today & BBC Hereford & Worcester - Councils in the West Midlands are sitting on £10m funding earmarked for "troubled families” (Sue Kent & David Niven)


2 March - Guardian - Discussion round up: what the social care sector can do to prepare for the Care Act (Pete Feldon)

3 March - BBC Radio 4 World at One, BBC News Channel, BBC Online, Newsweek, Community Care, Local Government Chronicle, The MJ (Municipal Journal), Public Sector Executive - Social workers to face five years in prison for failing to protect children from sexual abuse (Maris Stratulis)

10 March - BBC Radio 5Live, Guardian, Community Care - Ofsted children's services report (Nushra Mansuri)

10 March - BBC Breakfast - Austerity, not ‘Troubled Families’ damaging social fabric, say Barnardo’s (Sue Kent)

11 March - Community Care - Social workers feel powerless to intervene in cases of child neglect, finds survey (Nushra Mansuri)

12 March - BBC Radio Leicester - How vulnerable children in Leicester were put at risk at 13:00 - (Nushra Mansuri)

12 March - Community Care - Social workers feel powerless to intervene in cases of child neglect, finds survey (Nushra Mansuri)

12 March - BBC One - Troubled families (Sue Kent)

13 March - Spiked Online - Cameron: a bad case of child exploitation

15 March - BBC Radio 5Live - Funding delays for packages of mental health care (Faye Wilson)

17 March - The MJ (Municipal Journal), Community Care, Children & Young People Now - Coverage of BASW’s open letter to Isabelle Trowler (Isabelle Trowler)

17 March - The Guardian - The social worker who changed my life (Jenny Molloy)

17 March - Children & Young People Now (subscription required) - Councils turn to foreign workers (Maris Straulis)

18 March - BBC Radio WM - Shortage of social workers (Joe Godden)

18 March - Care Appointments - Glasvegas play surprise gig at social work awards (Trisha Hall)

18 March - BBC Radio Sussex - Faye Wilson speaks out about the current crisis in mental health on BBC Radio Sussex (Faye Wilson)

18 March - Community Care - Social work is an act of courage (Maris Stratulis)

19 March - Children & Young People Now (subscription required) - BASW urges chief social worker to lobby against `wilful neglect’ laws

19 March - BBC Radio Sussex - Impact of funding cuts on mental health services (Faye Wilson)

20 March - Community Care - Mental health trust funding down 8% from 2010 despite coalition’s drive for parity of esteem (Faye Wilson)

20 March - Local Government Executive - Threat to jail social workers for protection failures 'would make children less safe'

20 March - Children & Young People Now (subscription required) - Recruitment in children's services: trends and challenges (Maris Stratulis)

20 March - Cardiff University - Promoting the dignity and worth of peoples: World social work day at the School of Social Sciences

20 March - LocalGov - Social workers say threat of prison will make children less safe

20 March - The Herald, Daily Record - Surprise Glasvegas gig at social work awards (Trisha Hall)

24 March - Guardian - Councils face £100m bill for surge in legal safeguards for vulnerable people (Joe Godden)

25 March - BBC Radio Berkshire - Championing social work (Sue Kent)

28 March - The Herald - Council welcomes 'vindication' for social workers as contempt ruling overturned (Trisha Hall)


2 February - Guardian - How to address high social work caseloads (Nushra Mansuri)

5 February - BBC Radio Wales - Lowell Goddard appointed new CSA inquiry head (David Niven)

5 February - Community Care - Government recommendations do not go far enough to protect social workers’ human rights (Allan Norman)

6 February - UCB Radio - The role of social workers (Nushra Mansuri)

9 February - Community Care - Are return to work schemes a neglected solution to social work’s recruitment problem? (Sue Kent)

10 February - Guardian - Why social workers should be worried about surveillance laws (Allan Norman)

11 February - BBC Radio 5Live - Mary Kidson’s bid to have care order revoked (Maris Stratulis)

17 February - Children & Young People Now - 'Frontline for managers' gets backing (Nushra Mansuri)

17 February - Children & Young People Now - Caring by sharing (Karen Goodman)

19 February -The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Fears over greater intervention (Nushra Mansuri)

19 February - BBC News Channel - Nottinghamshire care home abuse not investigated, claims social worker (Karen Goodman)

26 February - Community Care - Thousands of social workers needed to fill vacancies as high number leave profession (Nushra Mansuri)


7 January - Community Care - Social workers too stressed to do their job says survey (Sue Kent)

7 January - BBC Radio 5Live - A & E waiting times & social care (Joe Godden)

12 January - Community Care - BASW warns sector leaders not to sweep social worker stress under the carpet (Nushra Mansuri)

12 January - BBC Radio Kent - Council hails ‘Troubled Families’ scheme a success (Maris Stratulis)

11 January - Sunday Herald - Pause the change to Universal Credit (Trisha Hall)

12 January - Community Care - BASW warns sector leaders not to sweep social worker stress under the carpet (Nushra Mansuri)

16 January - Community Care - NHS commissioners and local authorities must give AMHPs more support, says DH (Faye Wilson)

16 January - Community Care - BASW slams 'aspirational' guidance on health and welfare of looked-after children (Nushra Mansuri)

20 January - Press Gazette, Financial Times, Law Society Gazette - Lawyers and social workers join forces with journalists to call for curb on police spying powers

21 January - BBC Radio London - Stuart Kerner’s teacher wife put on ‘enforced leave’ (David Niven)

22 January - Community Care - 'Will Silent Witness compound views that no child is safe from removal?’ (Sue Kent)

26 January - BBC Hereford & Worcs - Abuse at St Gilbert's in Hartlebury (David Niven)

26 January - Community Care - Why social workers should mark Holocaust Memorial Day (Joe Godden)

26 January - BBC Radio WM - A third of siblings in care separated (Karen Goodman)

27 January - BBC Hereford & Worcs - Herefordshire launch recruitment drive of social workers from Spain & Romania (Joe Godden)

28 January - Community Care - Children’s social workers set controversial pass or fail test to practise (Nushra Mansuri)

29 January - Sky News - Rotherham CSE victim says abusers ‘untouchable’ (Karen Goodman)

29 January - Community Care - Social workers set to be given ‘ominous’ duty to identify and report extremism (Nushra Mansuri)


1 December - Community Care - Social Worker of the Year Awards 2014: The Winners (Faye Wilson)

2 December - Community Care - Mentally unwell teenager admitted to adult psychiatric ward after two days in cell (Faye Wilson)

5 December - Sky News, LBC Radio - CSA survivors withdraw from inquiry (Ruth Stark)

5 December - BBC World Tonight - Should people who view child abuse images be treated by NHS not locked up? (David Niven)

5 December - Guardian - Services for victims of domestic violence are for the few, not the many (Nushra Mansuri)

5 December - Halifax Courier - Calderdale social workers scoop prize

5 December - BBC Radio Wales - Jimmy Savile’s friend Ray Teret jailed for sex abuse (David Niven)

5 December - Community Care - BASW's Faye Wilson: 'I live and breathe mental health'

6 December - BBC 5Live Stephen Nolan - Should people who view child abuse images be treated by NHS not locked up? (David Niven)

8 December - Community Care - "We must never disbelieve that sometimes the actions we are involved in cause hurt" (Bridget Robb)

9 December - Channel 4 News - Should people who view child abuse images be treated by NHS not locked up? (David Niven)

9 December - BBC Radio Wales - Jimmy Savile’s friend Ray Teret jailed for sex abuse (David Niven)

10 December - Daily Telegraph - Letters: The legacy of the Magna Carta (Bridget Robb)

16 December - Guardian - The UK must stop poaching social workers from developing countries (Ruth Stark)

16 December - Community Care - Adult social work skills list puts ‘unrealistic’ expectations on NQSWs, BASW warns

17 December - BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester - Briton Simon Harris guilty of child sex abuse in Kenya (David Niven)

22 December - Daily Mail - Social worker reveals her role in supporting liver transplant patient (Lianne Downey)

22 December - ITV Cymru - Fears a child could die because of "unbearable pressure" on Welsh social workers (Robin Moulster)

29 December - Times, Sun, Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, BBC Radio 5Live - Social worker shortage 'putting children at risk' (Nushra Mansuri, Karen Goodman)


2 November - Sky News - Call for more parents to adopt siblings (Karen Goodman)

7 November - Pembrokeshire Herald - Labour cuts should not hit vulnerable children (Robin Moulster)

13 November - The Leader Wrexham - Councillor slams council report on child protection (Robin Moulster)

13 November - BBC Breakfast - LAs’ increased spend on agency social workers (Bridget Robb)

14 November - Public Sector Executive - Spending on agency social workers increases by a third (Bridget Robb)

14 November - Community Care - Former government adviser to take up children's commissioner post (Nushra Mansuri)

17 November - BBC Radio Stoke - DoLs (Robert Nisbet)

17 November - Guardian - Social workers and journalists are hindered by mutual suspicion (David Niven)

18 November - Community Care - Is tackling neglect no longer the job of social workers? (Nushra Mansuri)

18 November - The Irish News, UTV, BBC Online - Marshall CSE report (Carolyn Ewart)

19 November - BBC Radio Ulster Good Morning Ulster - Marshall CSE report (Marcella Leonard)

19 November - BBC Radio Foyle - Child Sexual Exploitation (Marcella Leonard)

19 November - Belfast News Letter - Pledges that Marshall report findings will be implemented

20 November - ITV News - Growing number of parents flee to Ireland over forced adoption fears (Bridget Robb)

25 November - BBC Radio Ulster Talk Back - Paedophilia (Marcella Leonard)

26 November - Guardian - Six myths about the social care sector (Maris Stratulis)

27 November - BBC Radio Scotland - Integration of health and social work (Trisha Hall)


1 October - BBC Radio London & BBC Radio WM - Social worker stress (Maris Stratulis, Karen Goodman, Janet Foulds & David Niven)

1 October - Community Care - Six out of 10 social workers would not recommend their workplace (Maris Stratulis)

1 October - Bedfordshire on Sunday - Concern as more than a quarter of social worker jobs in Bedford are vacant (Nushra Mansuri)

6 October - BBC Radio 5Live - Adoption without parental consent (Maggie Mellon)

7 October - BBC Radio WM - NSPCC & Bham Safeguarding Children Board launch ‘Help’ neglect campaign

8 October - BBC Radio Wiltshire - Social worker morale (Nushra Mansuri)

9 October - Community Care - 'I am a survivor of domestic abuse and I am a social worker' (Nushra Mansuri)

10 October - Community Care - BASW 'dismay' over Isabelle Trowler's skills statement for children's social worker

15 October - Community Care - Media bashing of highly paid directors masks the true problems around appointing interim social care managers (Maris Stratulis)

18 October - Liverpool Echo - Why social workers and councils fear new rules will put elderly at risk (Joe Godden)

21 October - BBC News - Social worker caseloads in Wales - BASW Cymru say situation is "worrying" (Robin Moulster)

21 October - BBC Radio Wales - Keith Bristow: paedophiles escaping prosecution (David Niven)

22 October - Community Care - Problems accessing NHS units sees 'too many' mentally unwell end up in police cells (Faye Wilson)

23 October - BBC Radio 5Live - Sheffield CSE whistle blower Ann Lucas (David Niven)

29 October - Community Care - Over a third of social workers feel caseload is unsafe (Nushra Mansuri)

29 October - BBC News - Coffey report into CSE in Greater Manchester (Nushra Mansuri)

31 October - Sky News - Call for Fiona Woolf to resign (David Niven)

31 October - BBC Radio 5Live - Coffey report into CSE in Greater Manchester Coffey (Nushra Mansuri)


1 September - BBC Radio Somerset - Do parents always know best? (David Niven)

2 September - Community Care - 70% of family courts not meeting 26-week target for care cases (Nushra Mansuri)

3 September - Guardian - Does social work have a problem with morale? Live discussion (Nushra Mansuri)

6 September - The Scotsman - Declan Hainey - 'Burnt out staff spending too much time on forms' (Trisha Hall)

8 September - Community Care, The Conversation, Children & Young People Now - One in three children split from siblings in foster care, finds Action for Children (Sue Kent)

9 September - Guardian - Social workers have plenty of reasons to be cheerful (Maris Stratulis)

10 September - BBC Radio Sheffield - Rotherham CSE select committee (Karen Goodman)

10 September - Community Care - Coventry Council applauded for "brave" Do It For Daniel campaign (Bridget Robb)

15 September - Coventry Telegraph - Daniel's campaign off to good start (Bridget Robb)

15 September - Community Care - Mental health bed pressures making AMHP role 'untenable', warns BASW (Joe Godden/Faye Wilson)

17 September - Community Care - What would social work look like in an independent Scotland? (Trisha Hall)

17 September - Community Care - Frontline first social work scheme to be ranked as top graduate employer (Bridget Robb)

17 September - Community Care - British social workers attacked or verbally abused more than 20,000 times in 2013/14 (Maris Stratulis)

29 September - BBC - Social worker vacancy rates putting children 'at risk' (Nushra Mansuri)

29 September - BBC Radio Suffolk & BBC Three Counties - Social worker vacancy rates (Bridget Robb)


3 August - Independent on Sunday - Social worker vacancies soar - and so do workloads

3 August - Independent on Sunday - Social work: The view from the front line (Karen Goodman)

4 August - Community Care - Wales updates systems for making complaints about social services (Nushra Mansuri)

7 August - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - 'Increased demand' behind surge in social worker roles (Maris Stratulis)

13 August - Community Care - Social work faces knock-on effect from youth service cut backs (Nushra Mansuri)

13 August - The MJ (Municipal Journal) ADCS director in 'hot water' over jibe (Fran Fuller)

18 August - BBC Hereford & Worcester - Paedophile Peter Righton advised Govt on care home policy in 1970s (David Niven)

19 August - Community Care - Did BASW's statement on the Gaza conflict go too far?

22 August - UCB Radio - Social work roundup (Nushra Mansuri)

24 August - The Sunday Telegraph - Under ' family friendly' Tories, yet more children go into care (Bridget Robb)

25 August - Huffington Post - Daily Mail: Suffer the Little 'Underclass' Children (Maris Stratulis)

25 August - BBC WM - Social worker assault in Walsall (Karen Goodman)

26 August - Family Law Week -Rotherham - the report and responses

26 August - Guardian - The Rotherham blame game distracts us from supporting victims of sexual abuse (David Niven)

26 August - Sky News, BBC National & Local, BBC Asian Network , BBC 5 Live, LBC Radio, US Public Broadcasting, UTV
Rotherham child abuse report (Bridget Robb, Maris Stratulis, David Niven, Marcella Leonard)


3 July - Community Care - FGM must form 'essential' part of all child protection training, says report (Nushra Mansuri)

8 July - Community Care - Child sex abuse investigation to launch, Theresa May announces

8 July - Children & Young People Now - Uncertainty remains on outsourcing children's services (Bridget Robb)

10 July - Community Care - A guide to the Theresa May inquiry into child sex abuse: what do you need to know? (Nushra Mansuri)

10 July - Guardian - Social care meets social media. What's holding the sector back? (Claudia Megele)

10 July - Community Care - Deregulation Bill risks third-party social work providers' accountability, experts warn (Nushra Mansuri)

11 July - Community Care - BASW backs "amnesty" for whistleblowers on institutional child abuse following government inquiry announcement (Nushra Mansuri)

11 July - Social World Podcast - Interview with BASW Professional Officer Nushra Mansuri

11 July - BBC Radio Hereford & Worcs - Historic child abuse inquiries (David Niven)

13 July - ITV - Social workers under pressure in 'defensive' atmosphere (Bridget Robb)

13 July - Daily Mail - Judge warns on Baby P case impact (Bridget Robb)

14 July - The Sun/Daily Mail - Children removed from home due to dangerous dogs (Nushra Mansuri)

14 July - BBC Radio 4 Today - Are historic abuse inquiries impacting on investigating current cases? (Karen Goodman)

16 July - Community Care - "Social workers will not be sorry to see Gove go": Sector reacts to cabinet reshuffle (Nushra Mansuri)

18 July - BBC Radio WM - Walsall family’s children were allegedly removed due to dangerous dogs (Janet Foulds)

18 July - BASW gives evidence to House of Lords Joint Committee on Human Rights re: violence against women & girls (Nushra Mansuri)

18 July - BBC Radio Berkshire - Slough council lose children’s services (Nushra Mansuri)

22 July - Children & Young People Now - The IT Crowd: How technology is helping children in care (David Niven)

22 July - Children & Young People Now - Child protection outsourcing plans 'dead in the water', claims Loughton (Bridget Robb)

21 July - Derry Journal - MLA Maeve is social worker for day (Carolyn Ewart)

27 July - The Sunday Times - Get a degree, then save the next Baby P (Bridget Robb)

31 July - The Global Recruiter - APSCo launches Compliance+ for Social Work with strong stakeholder backing


4 June - BBC Radio WM - Social worker stress sick leave on the rise in Birmingham (Janet Foulds)

4 June - Community Care - Children’s services chiefs say ‘no’ to letting for-profit companies run child protection

4 June - Community Care - Privatisation or progress? The child protection row that's stirred social work

5 June - BBC Radio Scotland - Kinship care (Maggie Mellon)

5 June - Community Care - Privatisation or progress? The child protection row that's stirred social work

10 June - Daily Telegraph, The Times, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Independent, Local Gov - Give contraception to problem families with up to 15 children, top judge says (BASW AGM)

10 June - Children & Young People Now - FGM: Breaking the silence (Nushra Mansuri)

11 June - BBC Radio 5Live -Lord Justice Munby comments on Family Drug & Alcohol Courts (FDAC) (Bridget Robb)

11 June - BBC Radio Suffolk - Claims Suffolk County Council struggling to recruit & retain social workers (Nushra Mansuri)

11 June - Guardian - Sharon Shoesmith: Baby P case could have been on any social worker's watch (BASW AGM)

11 June - CYP Now - Timpson moves to calm outsourcing fears (BASW AGM)

11 June - Community Care - Government to support fourth cohort of Step Up to Social Work trainees (BASW AGM)

13 June - Community Care - 'It was hit and miss but parts of Jo Brand's social work comedy were dangerously close to reality' (Nushra Mansuri)

17 June - Community Care - Newly qualified social workers share their job hunt highs and woes (Joe Godden)

19 June - Community Care - Pressure on social workers contributing to 'systemic' youth justice failings, inquiry finds (Nushra Mansuri)

19 June - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Timpson talks up outsourcing (BASW AGM)

20 June - Worcester News - Pair elected to represent social workers

20 June - ExaroNews - BASW e-mails 15,000 social workers: lobby MPs for CSA inquiry

23 June - Community Care - Crisis-hit child protection system setting thresholds 'deliberately high', finds report (Bridget Robb)

24 June - Children & Young People Now - Move to clarify the law on emotional abuse and neglect divides sector (Nushra Mansuri)

24 June - Children & Young People Now - Campaign aims to reform children's services

24 June - Community Care - Kids Company launches major campaign to restructure children's social care

25 June - Community Care - Social workers reveal sluggish progress on delivering better supervision (Nushra Mansuri)

26 June - Left Foot Forward - Sections of the press are deliberately painting a false picture of social workers (Bridget Robb)

27 June - BBC Radio London & BBC Radio Wales - NHS Savile report (David Niven)


1 May - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Fears raised over children's services outsourcing (Maris Stratulis)

1 May - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Social workers struggle in decision-making, nudge unit says (Maris Stratulis)

6 May - Community Care - Rise in mental health patients sent out-of-area for beds as NHS hit by surge in demand (Faye Wilson)

7 May - Community Care - Government-backed 'fast track' scheme will train graduates as mental health social workers (Bridget Robb)

7 May - CYP Now - Social workers leader criticises Troubled Families programme (Bridget Robb)

12 May - BBC Radio 5Live - Adoption debate with Sir Martin Narey (Janet Foulds)

13 May - CYP Now - Bringing the complexity of law to life (Nushra Mansuri)

15 May - Community Care - Northern Ireland Assembly challenged to job shadow social workers (Carolyn Ewart)

19 May - Local Government Association - Standards for employers of social workers re-launched

20 May - Community Care - NHS reveals sluggish progress on ending Winterbourne View-style hospital placements (Joe Godden)

20 May - Guardian - How can employers promote good mental health? (David Niven)

20 May - Community Care - Social workers going above and beyond to fit in time with service users (Maris Stratulis)

22 May - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - 'Culture change needed' after Winterbourne failures (Joe Godden)

23 May - BBC News - Birmingham Children’s Services ‘inadequate’ says Ofsted (Maris Stratulis & Nushra Mansuri)

30 May - Community Care - Sector split on 'Cinderella Law' as emotional neglect referrals to social services rise (Maris Stratulis)


3 April - Evening Telegraph (Dundee) - One in three Dundee social workers off with stress (Trisha Hall)

4 April - Community Care - Court of Protection adds weight to social worker evidence in mental capacity assessments (Robert Nisbet)

6 April - Guardian Letters - Trafficked children need Guardians (Bridget Robb)

10 April - Community Care - Test your social work practice against a 20-point 'serious case review' checklist (BASW survey)

10 April - The MJ (Municipal Journal) Why cutting care is bad for Britain (Joe Godden)

16 April - Community Care - Mentally unwell children refused care at a third of NHS 'place of safety' units (Faye Wilson)

16 April - Community Care - Cuts to safeguarding teams and looked-after children services as council spending drops (Maris Stratulis)

17 April - Community Care - How legal guardians could improve the care and protection given to trafficked children (Nushra Mansuri)

18 April - BBC Radio Scotland - Whose responsibility is it to care for our parents? (Trisha Hall)

24 April - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Councils have 'real opportunity' to redesign children's services (Maris Stratulis)

24 April - BBC R4 Media Show - Are social work documentaries good for the profession? (David Niven)

25 April - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - New concerning figures for Baby P council (Maris Stratulis)

30 April - Community Care - Effective retention measures or 'vanishing posts': what's behind Northern Ireland's low vacancy rates? (Carolyn Ewart)


1 March - Daily Telegraph - Secret adoption register opened to would-be parents (Nushra Mansuri)

3 March - BBC Radio Oxford - Children being taken into care for being obese (Maris Stratulis)

3 March - BBC Coventry & Warks - Child protection in Coventry 2 years after Daniel Pelka’s death (David Niven)

9 March - BBC Coventry & Warks - Panel debate: Child protection in Coventry 2 years after Daniel Pelka’s death (Bridget Robb)

10 March - Community Care - Social workers blocked from combating abuse behind closed doors by lack of powers, suggests research

12 March - Guardian - Which way now for public services in Scotland? (Trisha Hall)

12 March - Guardian letters - Mental health services funding cuts (Faye Wilson)

14 March - Guardian - What social workers should know about the Mental Capacity Act (Jo Liveston)

17 March - - In silence, Britain's social services have been crippled (Bridget Robb)

17 March - Huffington Post - 'White Dee' - Doing Social Work Without Knowing It (Hayley Meachin)

18 March - Community Care - 'Why Martin Narey is wrong to dismiss social justice' (Ruth Stark)

19 March - BBC Radio Leicester - ‘Is there a stigma of social work?’ (David Niven)

21 March - Community Care - Why it's worth hanging on to a UK-wide concept of social work (Bridget Robb)

28 March - Community Care - Social workers visit colleagues in West Bank (Dave Harrop)


3 February - LocalGov - Council IT systems hindering support for online abuse victims

10 February - BBC Radio Bristol - Issues raised by the William Roache trial (David Niven)

11 February - BBC Radio WM - Birmingham Children’s Services peer review (Janet Foulds)

13 February - BBC Radio 5Live Morning Reports, Guardian, BBC News, BBC Coventry & Warks - Trainee social workers taught too much theory, says Martin Narey report (Bridget Robb)

14 February - LocalGov - Councils could be acting unlawfully with automatic TCSW opt-in & making membership condition of employment (Bridget Robb)

17 February - BBC Radio Sheffield - Rapid increase in referrals to children’s services in South Yorkshire (Sue Kent)

18 February - Glasgow Herald - Police back hi-tech security bracelets to monitor criminals (Trisha Hall)

18 February - (BBC Wales) Inquiry call in Ian Watkins abuse claims (David Niven)

19 February - Community Care - Is enough attention given to caseloads, supervision and management during fitness to practise hearings? (Martin Weinbren)

20 February - Community Care - Mentally ill children sent hundreds of miles for care amid bed shortage (Faye Wilson)

24 February - BBC Radio London - Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) scandal (David Niven)

25 February - BBC Radio WM & BBC Radio Shropshire - Shropshire Council accused of ‘targeting middle class child for adoption’ (David Niven)

26 February - BBC R4 Woman’s Hour - Do social workers lack training in CSE? (Janet Foulds)

28 February - Community Care - Guidance revised to help social workers place children more quickly for adoption (Nushra Mansuri)


8 January - Community Care - Tributes paid to ex-social worker and “champion for young people” Paul Goggins MP following death (Bridget Robb)

9 January - BBC Radio Bristol - Child Line report rise in calls about cyber bullying (David Niven)

9 January - BBC Radio Derby - Derby City Council plan to close city’s dedicated sexual abuse unit (Fran Fuller)

10 January - BBC Radio Lincolnshire - Rise in number of children referred to social services (Maris Stratulis)

14 January - BBC Radio Wiltshire - Social worker struck off by HCPC for misconduct (David Niven)

14 January - BBC Radio WM - John Hemming MP advises parents in care proceedings to “flee abroad” (Janet Foulds)

15 January - Guardian - Children of domestic abuse victims increasingly being taken into care (Maris Stratulis)

16 January -- The Herald - Quarriers charity aims to close Ayrshire school and children's homes (Trisha Hall)

16 January - Social World Podcast - The state of social work (Bridget Robb)

17 January - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - BASW responds to John Hemming’s advice that parents subject to care proceedings should flee abroad (Bridget Robb)

22 January - Community Care - Two years after The College of Social Work opened its doors, how is it doing? (Bridget Robb)

22 January - BBC Radio Suffolk - Anderson family Serious Case Review (Maris Stratulis)

22 January - Guardian - Do public inquiries really benefit survivors of childhood abuse? (Ruth Stark)

23 January - Derby Telegraph - Sex abuse service must be moved, protesters told by Derby council leader (Fran Fuller)

24 January - BBC Radio 5Live & BBC Radio WM - Philpott children Serious Case Review (Bridget Robb)

26 January - Family Law Week - Uncomfortable truth that sometimes it is impossible to predict risk to children (Bridget Robb)

28 January - LocalGov - Ofsted chief 'oversimplifies' child protection (Bridget Robb)


2 December - Pink Tape Blog - Forced caesarean section case: Never let the facts get in the way of a good story eh?

3 December - Huffington Post UK - 'Forced Birth' Mother Could Not Care For Child, Essex Social Services Say (Bridget Robb)

3 December - The Herald - 'Private' foster carers urged to tell authorities of their role (SASW/Trisha Hall)

3 December - ITV News, ITV.Com, Community Care, CYP Now - MPs' report offers insight into pressures faced by 'stressed and overloaded' social workers

3 December - - Social workers recommend ending unpaid overtime (Bridget Robb)

4 December - BBC Radio 5Live - Forced caesarean section case (David Niven)

5 December - Guardian - Overwhelming demands on social workers highlighted in report (Bridget Robb)

12 December - BBC Radio Oxford - Claims Oxfordshire LCSB ‘buried’ Serious Case Review (Maris Stratulis)

13 December - BBC Online - Birmingham Children's Services in £10m improvement plan (Maris Stratulis)

19 December - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Council sets out strategy for children (Maris Stratulis)

19 December - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Cuts leave authorities with few choices (Maris Stratulis)

20 December - BBC Radio 4 - Rochdale Grooming Serious Case Review (Nushra Mansuri)

24 December - BBC Online - Extra support to streamline adoption process

29 December - Sunday Mail - Couple with learning disabilities fighting to keep daughter (Trisha Hall)


4 November - Guardian - Police recording of child abduction obscures scale of problem (Janet Foulds)

6 November - The Times - Staff at children’s homes ‘blamed young victims for abuse’ (Richard Servian)

13 November - BBC Points West - Social worker who ignored Winterbourne View whistleblowing is removed from register (Joe Godden)

13 November - BBC Radio Leeds - Hamzah Khan Serious Case Review (David Jones)

13 November - BBC News - BASW questions DfE decision to rubbish Khan SCR (David Niven) /p>

14 November - BBC News, BBC Radio WM, Sky News - Birmingham City Council on final warning from Ofsted (Bridget Robb)

14 November - Yorkshire Post - Hamzah Khan: Reviews 'must be shared with staff' (Bridget Robb)

14 November - Local Government Chronicle - Timpson raises concern at serious case reviews (Bridget Robb)

14 November - Community Care - Birmingham's children's services face government takeover by Christmas (Bridget Robb)

14 November - BBC Radio 5Live - "The challenge for Birmingham is who could take it on?" (Bridget Robb)

14 November - - Gove's disgraceful attack on social workers is meant to soften us up for the private sector (Bridget Robb)

14 November - Children & Young People Now - Birmingham warned of government takeover of children's services (Bridget Robb)

15 November - Huffington Post UK - Statesman Gove Using Murdoch Tactics to Brainwash the Public (Hayley Meachin)

15 November - Guardian - Hamzah Khan: Social work needs to re-engage with communities (Bridget Robb)

16 November - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Underfunded authorities' 'strain to meet care costs' (Bridget Robb)

17 November - Guardian - Why social workers want to help redesign homecare services (Bridget Robb)

17 November - Family Law Week - Women’s Aid tells Michael Gove: domestic violence is not a `life choice (Bridget Robb)

20 November - BBC Online - Social workers 'under huge pressure' (Bridget Robb)

21 November - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - DfE accused of softening up tactics over commissioner model (Bridget Robb)

21 November - BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - Council 'bidding war' to recruit social workers (David Niven)

21 November - BBC Radio Hereford & Worcs - 83 year old rings radio station after being left without home care (Joe Godden)

25 November - BBC Online - Walsall: Recruiting the right children’s social workers (Maris Stratulis)

25 November - BBC Radio WM - Could you be a children's social worker? (Bridget Robb)

26 November - Community Care - Councils persistently failing to protect children from sexual exploitation, finds study (Bridget Robb)

27 November - Guardian - The role of families in social care (Maris Stratulis)

27 November - Community Care - 'When I qualified as a children's social worker, my sights were set on Birmingham' (Nushra Mansuri)

27 November - BBC Radio Wales - Ian Watkins child abuse guilty plea (David Niven)

29 November - Guardian - Why I recommend being a social worker in Birmingham (Nushra Mansuri)

30 November - Derby Telegraph - Children will be put 'at risk' if unit is moved (Fran Fuller)


1 October - Children & Young People Now - Criticism of Pelka case review adds to concerns over investigation process (Nushra Mansuri)

2 October - Guardian - David Cameron orchestrates applause for social workers at Tory conference (Bridget Robb)

3 October - Guardian - Ten tips for newly qualified social workers looking for a job (Joe Godden)

3 October - Daily Mail, Daily Express, Evening Standard, The Times, BBC News, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC Breakfast, Sky News, ITV News - Beaten toddler Keanu Williams 'invisible' to authorities before he died (Bridget Robb, Nushra Mansuri, Ruth Cartwright, Janet Foulds, David Jones, David Niven)

7 October - BBC Radio Scotland - Leonard Cheshire Disability calls for end to 15 minute care calls (Ruth Stark)

7 October - Community Care - The lessons to be learnt from three recent high profile child abuse cases (Nushra Mansuri)

9 October - Community Care - Killers of Daniel Pelka will serve at least 30 years in jail (Nushra Mansuri)

9 October - Daily Telegraph - BASW part of coalition urging change in law so children in foster care can stay with families until 21

10 October - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Ministers under attack over handling of SCRs (Bridget Robb)

11 October - Guardian - Polly Toynbee: It's the children who pay for Gove's ideological vandalism (Bridget Robb)

15 October - BBC Radio Sheffield - Doncaster children's services use "Golden Hellos & Golden Handcuffs" to attract social workers (Ruth Cartwright)

15 October - ITV Evening News - Standard of child protection at 20 councils 'unacceptably poor', Ofsted warns (Nushra Mansuri)

15 October - Guardian - Where is it going wrong for Birmingham?

16 October - Community Care - Patients at risk as 'unsafe' mental health services reach crisis point (Faye Wilson)

17 October - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Adult social care is 'fundamentally broken' (Joe Godden)

29 October - BBC Radio 4 The World at One - Frontline scheme recruitment drive (Bridget Robb)

30 October - Community Care - Social worker vacancy rates fall to a four-year low, while use of agency staff rises (Ruth Cartwright)

31 October - South Wales Echo & Rhondda Leader - X Award for social worker (BASW Cymru)

31 October - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Social Care: It's time to get serious


1 September - Mail on Sunday - Tragedy of 4,000 babies placed on 'at risk' register... before they're born (Bridget Robb)

3 September - Community Care - Social workers' caseload concerns often fall on deaf ears, survey shows (Bridget Robb)

6 September - BBC Radio WM - Munby judgement on greater family court transparency (Janet Foulds)

7 September - Daily Mail - 'Please don't take my baby!' The harrowing video that a council tried to suppress (Bridget Robb)

9 September - Children & Young People Now - Social work leaders criticise landmark child protection ruling (Bridget Robb)

10 September - Community Care - 'Munby ruling fuels idea that social workers are just child snatchers' (Bridget Robb)

11 September - BBC Online - Post-adoption therapy fund announced (Nushra Mansuri)

11 September - BBC Radio London - Louise Casey's claims "problem families" should be given contraception (Sue Kent)

11 September - Family Law Week - Independent social workers’ skills are ‘vital’ to resolving complex and intractable cases, say family court judges

12 September - The MJ (Municipal Journal) - Adult social services market must improve (Joe Godden)

12 September - The Orcadian - Woman tells BBC that she blames herself for satanic abuse scandal (Ruth Stark)

13 September - BBC5live - New data reveals poor quality of children's residential care (Sue Kent)

13 September - BBC Radio Nottingham - The Christopher Atkins case & social worker stress & sick leave (Bridget Robb)

16 September - BBC Hereford & Worcs - Worcs CC offering extra cash to recruit & retain social workers (Ruth Cartwright)

16 September - BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire, Community Care - Quarter of social workers say they never get to read serious case reviews (Bridget Robb)

17 September - BBC News, Sky News, BBC Radio 5Live, Daily Mail, Huffington Post - Daniel Pelka Serious Case Review published (Bridget Robb)

17 September - BBC Online - Daniel Pelka: Do serious case reviews work? (Bridget Robb)

19 September - Coleraine Chronicle - MLA visits Rosebrook House (Carolyn Ewart)

20 September - Huffington Post - Lack of Media Interest in Gloria Foster's Death a Sad Reflection of Society's Attitude to the Elderly (Ruth Cartwright)

20 September - BBC Radio WM - Birmingham social workers being lured away with £10,000 'golden hellos' (Janet Foulds)

24 September - Guardian - Social workers may be targeted online following Munby video footage ruling (Nushra Mansuri)

24 September - Community Care - Councils split on integration of mental health social workers in NHS (Joe Godden)

25 September - BBC Online - Child death reports to be archived nationally by NSPCC (BASW survey)

25 September - BBC Newsline - Spotlight in the NI child sexual exploitation inquiry should be shone firmly on the perpetrators, not on staff (Carolyn Ewart)


1 August - BBC national & local news, Evening Standard, LBC Radio, Sky News, The Times - Daniel Pelka murder verdict (Ruth Cartwright, Fran Fuller, Janet Foulds, Sue Kent, David Niven, Nushra Mansuri)

2 August - BBC WM - Sandwell children’s services rated inadequate by Ofsted, Walsall improving (Nushra Mansuri)

5 August - BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - How well is Cambridgeshire dealing with “troubled families”? (Ruth Cartwright)

5 August - BBC R4 Woman’s Hour - How do families cope with child abuse? (Janet Foulds)

6 August - Community Care - Will Doncaster's children be safer under outsourced social care management? (Nushra Mansuri)

8 August - BBC R5Live - Controversy as 13 year old child abuse victim described in court as "predatory" (Bridget Robb)

9 August - Huffington Post - Government Spin Alone Won't Protect Our Children (Hayley Meachin)

14 August - Community Care - AMHPs 'unnecessarily' sectioning people due to mental health bed shortage, MPs warn (Faye Wilson)

15 August - BBC Midlands Today - New boss of Birmingham children’s services urges need for ‘honest culture’ (Bridget Robb)

23 August - BBC Radio Kent & BBC South East Today - Medway council rated “inadequate” by Ofsted (Ruth Cartwright)

23 August - BBC Look East - Northamptonshire council rated inadequate (Ruth Cartwright)

23 August - The MJ - National social workers' head urges realism over failing child services (Bridget Robb)

27 August - BBC Radio Northants - Northamptonshire council rated inadequate (Ruth Cartwright)

30 August - Guardian - Beware the hidden dangers of social care jargon (Ruth Cartwright)


1 July - Guardian - What social workers need to know about working with sex offenders (Frances Robertson)

1 July - BBC Radio Oxford - 9% rise in reporting of sex offences post Savile (David Niven)

4 July - LBC Radio - Father jailed for Daniel Jones methadone death (Joe Godden)

11 July - BBC Radio Kent - BBC Radio Kent - Kent plans to outsource social services to private firms to plug funding hole (Bridget Robb)

12 July - BBC Radio Surrey - Research suggests social workers "lack of cultural understanding" preventing victims of forced marriage seeking help (Karen Goodman)

12 July - Daily Mirror - Social workers fail to background check man who assaulted toddler (Bridget Robb)

16 July - BBC Radio Sheffield - Doncaster move to social enterprise model (Nushra Mansuri)

16 July - BBC Radio Oxford - Michael Gove strips Doncaster Council of child protection powers (Bridget Robb)

22 July - LBC Radio - Burns campaigners say bad sunburn should be classed as child neglect (Nushra Mansuri)

22 July - BBC Radio Bristol & BBC Radio London - BBC Radio Bristol & BBC Radio London - PM launches Online Porn crackdown (David Niven)

24 July - LBC Radio - 24 July BBC Radio 5Live Health Select Committee says A&E crisis plans 'not good enough' (BASW member “Patty”)

27 July - BBC national & local news, The MJ, Daily Express, Scotsman, Belfast Telegraph - Social workers need more training in online abuse (Nushra Mansuri)


4 June - Daily Express - Why are TV dramas so inaccurate? Eastenders social worker (Bridget Robb)

5 June - BBC Radio 5Live - SCR into 14-year-old pressured into artificial insemination by adoptive mum (Nushra Mansuri)

9 June - Sunday Times letters - The Kids are Alright - BASW responds to 'Couldn't Care Less' article by Harriet Sargeant (19 May) on 'crisis' in children's homes (Bridget Robb)

10 June - BBC Radio London - Home Affairs Select Committee say social workers should do more to counter Asian child sexual exploitation gangs (David Niven)

13 June - BBC Radio Wiltshire - Plans to improve ‘inadequate’ Wiltshire children’s services (Sue Kent)

14 June - Children & Young People Now - Ofsted unveils tougher child protection inspections (Nushra Mansuri)

14 June - BBC 5Llive Morning Reports & Breakfast - Policy Exchange claim NQSWs ‘lacking life experience’ putting children at risk (Bridget Robb, Manisha Patel & Rebecca Joy Novell)

14 June - BBC Radio Bristol - Stuart Hall sentencing too lenient (David Niven)

24 June - ITV Border Lookaround - Cumbria children’s services rated ‘inadequate’

25 June - Community Care - Social workers warn they will not be able to protect people if cuts go ahead (Bridget Robb)

26 June - BBC Radio Lincolnshire - Serious case review - failures led to baby being brain damaged by mother (Bridget Robb)


2 May - BBC News - Adoption: Support and benefits set out in government guide (Nushra Mansuri)

2 May - Daily Star - Guide for would-be adopters issued (Nushra Mansuri)

7 May - BBC Radio Derby - Frontline scheme plan to “tackle failures” (Janet Foulds)

8 May - BBC Radio WM - Sandwell Council will need years to sort out children’s services (Bridget Robb)

10 May - Guardian - Why I’m leaving social work to become a vicar (Ruth Cartwright)

12 May - The Scotsman - Debate needed on voting in jail (Ruth Stark, SASW)

13 May - LBC Radio - Tia Sharp guilty verdict (David Niven)

14 May - BBC Radio 5Live - Oxford CSE guilty verdict (David Niven)

15 May - BBC London Radio - Oxford CSE - who’s to blame? (David Niven)

16 May - BBC Radio Oxford - Safeguarding issues in CSE cases (David Niven)

17 May - BBC Radio 5 Live Morning reports & hourly bulletins - Frontline launch and Chief Social Workers appointed (Bridget Robb & student member Manisha Patel)

17 May - Today programme & hourly bulletins - Frontline launch and Chief Social Workers appointed

17 May - BBC Radio 5 Live - Frontline launch and Chief Social Workers appointed (Ruth Cartwright & Andrew Adonis)

17 May - Today programme & hourly bulletins, Radio 5Live Morning Reports, BBC News Channel - Frontline launch and Chief Social Workers appointed (Bridget Robb)

17 May - BBC News Channel live interview & Six O’clock News - Frontline launch and Chief Social Workers appointed (Ruth Cartwright)

17 May - BBC News Online - Social work scheme will fast-track top graduates

17 May - Community Care - Summer school for children’s social workers given official government backing (Bridget Robb)

17 May - Community Care - Munro adviser who transformed children’s services in Hackney named chief social worker (Bridget Robb)

20 May - Guardian - Frontline may bridge the gap between academia and local authorities (Bridget Robb)

28 May - BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester - Child abuse inquiry at Worcestershire nursery (David Niven)

28 May - SWSC Media debate - ASYE (Joe Godden)

29 May - BBC Radio Newcastle - Report into murder of mental health worker Ashleigh Ewing (Faye Wilson)

30 May - Huffington Post - Paedophiles: The Ordinary Monsters Hiding in Plain Sight (Hayley Meachin)

31 May - Private Eye letters - Access Denied (Allan Orr)

31 May - Community Care - 'How probation is changing in England and Scotland': a social work perspective (Tim Parkinson)


2 April - Community Care - ‘I’ve gone from a skilled mental health social worker to a petty rationer of services’ (Joe Godden)

3 April - BBC Radio 5Live - Philpott arson case manslaughter verdict (David Niven)

3 April - BBC Radio Derby - Philpott arson case manslaughter verdict (Fran Fuller)

4 April - Huffington Post - The tragedy of the Philpott children is not that they lived, but that they died (Hayley Meachin)

5 April - Newsnight - Coercion and Control in domestic violence cases (Janet Foulds)

10 April - BBC Radio WM - Sandwell Council children's services receive ‘inadequate’ Ofsted rating (Fran Fuller) The challenges facing frontline social workers & their passion for the job (Joe Godden)

10 April - BBC Midlands Today - Sandwell Council children's services receive ‘inadequate’ Ofsted rating (Sue Kent)

10 April - Community Care - 'Social work needs senior leaders with staying power' (Joe Godden)

10 April - Community Care - Drop in number of social workers funded to train as AMHPs (Nushra Mansuri)

13 April - Yorkshire Post - Migrants 'could heap pressure' on struggling local authorities (Nushra Mansuri)

17 April - Community Care - Multi-agency inspections a tough hill to climb for Ofsted (Sue Kent)

23 April - Guardian - Social workers must look after themselves and recognise their limits (Paula McFadden)

23 April - Guardian - Live discussion: tackling stress among social care workers (Janet Foulds & Nushra Mansuri)

24 April - Community Care - Concern as number of mental health patients placed in private hospitals rises by a third (Joe Godden)

26 April - Guardian - Live chat: how can IT be most helpful in health and social care? (Ruth Cartwright)


4 March - Guardian - Social workers need training to help them better understand self-harm (Nushra Mansuri)

7 March - BBC R4 Today - Are current UK laws on surrogacy sufficient? (Dr Marilyn Crawshaw)

7 March - Community Care - Social work association demands radical shake-up of training (Bridget Robb)

11 March - Community Care - Restrictions placed on social worker referrals as CAMHS funding drops (Nushra Mansuri)

12 March - BBC R5 Live - Post Savile, should there be a legal obligation to report child abuse? (Ruth Cartwright)

14 March - BBC Radio Newcastle - MP report children in care being failed by the criminal justice system (Fran Fuller)

19 March - Guardian - World Social Work Day: speaking out for service users (Bridget Robb)

19 March - Community Care - If they are to promote equality, social workers must be allowed to speak out against injustice' (Bridget Robb)

19 March - Huffington Post - World Social Work Day: Blowing the Whistle Becomes a Silent Scream If Nobody Listens (Hayley Meachin)

20 March - Community Care - Should civil servants be made to spend five days with social workers? (Bridget Robb)

26 March - Guardian - What social workers need to know about new child protection guidance (Nushra Mansuri)

27 March - BBC Radio Sheffield - Doncaster MBC may lose children’s services (Bridget Robb)


4 February - Community Care - Time to ditch managerialist responses to social work (Joe Godden)

6 February - The Independent - Children in poverty: 1.5m in Britain face each day without enough food and care (BASW State of Social Work survey)

6 February - Guardian - Mid Staffs scandal is a disgrace for social work, too (Bridget Robb)

11 February - Guardian - Tracing birth families on Facebook can have a devastating impact all round (Sue Kent)

12 February - Community Care - 'Missing children problem is further evidence of why Working Together must not be culled' (Nushra Mansuri)

13 February - Voice of Russia Radio - Facilitating contact between adopted children & birth families (Nushra Mansuri)

14 February - Community Care - Social work team praised by Ofsted targeted in council cost-cutting drive (Bridget Robb)

15 February - Community Care - Government renews drive to recruit chief social workers at £120k per post (Bridget Robb)

15 February - Guardian - Live discussion: adoption reforms (Nushra Mansuri)

19 February - LBC Radio - Addict Parents & Riley Pettitpierre methadone manslaughter (Trevor McCarthy)

20 February - Community Care - Munro two years on: Social workers find little has changed (Bridget Robb)

20 February - Community Care - Postcode lottery: third of UK councils pay social worker registration fees (Joe Godden)

22 February - Huffington Post - Let's Go Fishing (Hayley Meachin)

27 February - Community Care - Social workers need compulsory substance misuse training, say experts (Dr Sarah Galvani)


7 January - LBC radio & BBC Radio London - Sharon Shoesmith “unemployable & living off benefits” (Nushra Mansuri)

9 January - Guardian - Success in social work: getting started and moving up (Joe Godden)

11 January - BBC Radio 5Live - Social workers need the right empathy skills to avoid “burnout” (Joe Godden)

11 January - Sky News - Adoption hotspots map ‘simplistic’ (Bridget Robb)

14 January - BBC Radio Kent - Ofsted upgrade Kent children’s services to “adequate” (Nushra Mansuri)

22 January - CYP Now - Increase in 'adoption parties' on the cards (Nushra Mansuri)

24 January - Community Care - Social workers to be removed from the adoption screening process (Bridget Robb)

25 January - Family Law Week - Organisations oppose plans to remove adoption recruitment from local authorities (Bridget Robb)

28 January - Evening Standard - Independent minds make a difference (Carole Hassell/ Beverley Dover)

29 January - Community Care - Got a job yet? Newly qualified social workers on the hunt for their first role (Joe Godden)

29 January - Guardian - Welsh social care bill unveiled (Robin Moulster)

30 January - Community Care - 'Severe pressure' on AMHPs amid job cuts, rising workload and bed shortages (Joe Godden)


6 December - Community Care - Osborne’s cuts undermine claims to protect frontline social work - Bridget Robb

8 December - Daily Mail - (BASW part of) NHS vow to protect vulnerable patients

9 December - Daily Telegraph - London Evening Standard, Daily Star, Daily Express & Press Association - Fast-track adoptions may aid paedophiles - Judith Acreman

10 December - The Scotsman - Sheriff’s attack on social workers shows criminal lack of understanding of their role - Ruth Stark

10 December - Community Care - Winterbourne-style hospital placements to end by 2014, says minister

10 December - Community Care -‘Minister, my comments on adoption were neither ‘crass' nor 'irresponsible’ - Judith Acreman

13 December - Guardian - Social workers need more training on drug and alcohol issues - Dr Sarah Galvani

13 December - BBC Radio Coventry & Warks - Coventry Council approve £92m of cuts, including £2.4m from children's services - Ruth Cartwright

16 December - BBC Sunday Politics show - Yorkshire has the highest child referral rates in the country - Bridget Robb

19 December - Huffington Post - Troubled Families? Or Troubled Stats? (Hayley Meachin)

27 December - The Times - The case for and against greater access to children’s records (Bridget Robb)


2 November - Community Care - Government to appoint two chief social workers, not one - Bridget Robb

2 November - Community Care - 'ICS is the bane of my life', says child protection social worker - BASW member 'Frank'

6 November - Guardian - Social workers 'at rock bottom' over issue of race and adoption - Nushra Mansuri

6 November - BBC R4 You & Yours - Why are so many children missing out on adoption? - Janet Foulds

7 November - Guardian - Politicians, not social workers, are letting children down - BASW member 'Frank'

7 November - BBC Radio Merseyside - Too many children being left in neglectful situations (Education Committee's Child Protection report) - Janet Foulds

9 November - BBC Radio WM - Sandwell Council give £1.5m to private management company for children's services - Fran Fuller

14 November - Paisley Daily Express - Top Award for Liz - Liz Snodgrass

16 November - BBC R5 Live Victoria Derbyshire - Doncaster social workers under 'draconian' conditions - Nushra Mansuri

16 November - ITV Evening News - Doncaster council children's services get inadequate Ofsted rating - Bridget Robb

16 November - Daily Telegraph - Child protection standards slide in Edlington torture case council - Bridget Robb

16 November - The Independent - Michael Gove calls for hundreds more vulnerable children a year to be taken into care, and for an end to 'preoccupation with rights of biological parents' - Bridget Robb

16 November - Yorkshire Post - Put more children in care says Gove, as Doncaster children’s services are slammed again - Bridget Robb

16 November - Daily Telegraph - Put children before parents, says Michael Gove - Bridget Robb

17 November - Daily Mail - Gove: More children should be taken into care - Bridget Robb

20 November - Community Care - 30% shortfall in domestic violence advisers as council cuts bite - Nushra Mansuri

20 November - BBC Radio Scotland - Report claims that Fathers face ‘institutionalised sexism’ in children’s hearing - Ruth Stark

23 November - Community Care - Regulator warns of growing 'risk of poor care' as 1 in 6 nursing homes fail safeguarding standards - Ruth Cartwright

24 November - BBC Radio Bristol - FAST training for children to defend themselves against paedophiles - David Niven

24 November - Daily Telegraph - Foster couple lose children for being members of Ukip - Nushra Mansuri

26 November - Community Care - Employers defend rise in use of agency social workers - Ruth Cartwright

28 November - Community Care - Breakup of integrated mental health teams harms patients and social workers - Faye Wilson

28 November - Community Care - Forget reforms; what social work needs is more staff - Judith Acreman

29 November - The Detail - New media guidance for reporting on child abuse and neglect, BBC Radio Talk Back (Listen) - Carolyn Ewart

29 November - BBC News, UTV, Belfast Telegraph, Belfast Newsletter, BBC Radio Foyle, BBC Radio Ulster Talk Back (Listen) & Press Association - Social work in NI 'two thirds paperwork' - Carolyn Ewart

30 November - Community Care - Prejudiced attack on social work training ignores real issues facing profession - Bridget Robb


1 October - Guardian Social Care Network - Busting the myths about social work
BASW spokesperson: Ruth Cartwright

1 October - Guardian Social Care Network - Should UK universities take social work education more seriously?
Joe Godden

2 October - BBC Radio Wales - BASW Cymru Social Work Awards - Claire Page

3 October - BBC Radio 4, Bringing up Britain (on adoption) - Nushra Mansuri

3 October - Community Care - BASW: Social workers need same online protection as celebrities - Bridget Robb

8 October - Community Care - 'Eastenders' portrayal of social work left me in tears'

9 October - Guardian - Social workers outraged by EastEnders storyline about baby Lexi - Bridget Robb

10 October - Evening Standard - EastEnders plot where teenager's baby is taken away branded 'disgraceful' by social workers - Bridget Robb

10 October - BBC Radio London - Eastenders row - Carolyn Ewart

11 October - BBC Radio Scotland - Jimmy Savile abuse - Ruth Stark

11 October - Daily Star - Eastenders blasted over Lola Pearce baby row - Bridget Robb

11 October - BBC Breakfast - Eastenders row - Sue Kent

12 October - Guardian - Bridget Robb: my social work career journey

26 October - Huffington Post & The Week magazine - Iain Duncan Smith: The Father of Four Who Wants to Provide Bread for Just Two - Hayley Meachin

29 October - BBC R4 Woman's Hour - Foster parents need more freedom to make day-to-day decisions - Sue Kent


5 September - LBC London Radio - When should a child be taken into care? (Jayden Lee Green case)
BASW spokesperson: Hilton Dawson

10 September - Community Care - 'It's impossible to teach everything on a degree'
Joe Godden

12 September - Community Care - UK care system failing trafficked children, finds GRETA report
Sue Kent

27 September - Rochdale child sexual exploitation multi-agency review published
BBC R4 Today programme - Janet Foulds
Sky News at lunchtime, 1pm Adam Boulton - Bridget Robb
BBC News 24 - Nushra Mansuri
ITV lunchtime news - Nushra Mansuri

27 September - The Daily Telegraph - NSPCC neglect downgraded
Ruth Stark


1 August - BBC Radio Manchester - Social worker registration move from GSCC to HPC
BASW spokesperson: Hilton Dawson

3 August - Huffington Post - Shafilea Ahmed guilty verdict: There’s no honour in child abuse
Hayley Meachin

28 August - Community Care - Website exposing social workers condemned as 'vile'
Nushra Mansuri

22 August - Daily Telegraph - Disabled children 'falling through child protection net' Ofsted warns
Sue Kent

29 August - BBC Radio Scotland - SASW discusses free personal care in Scotland
Ruth Stark


2 July - The Guardian - Why I'm going to the social work conference in Stockholm
BASW spokesperson: Hilton Dawson

11 July - BBC Radio 4 You & Yours - Social care white paper
Ruth Cartwright

19 July - BBC Radio Devon Torbay council offering £1k finders fee
Ruth Cartwright

31 July - BBC Midlands Today & BBC Radio WM - Walsall council leader blames social workers for ‘inadequate’ Ofsted report
Sue Kent


3 June - BBC Radio Wales, Eye on Wales - Family Justice Review
BASW spokesperson: Nushra Mansuri

11 June -BBC Radio Derby - Derbyshire Council is set to spend £750,000 re-training social workers to adopt a 'Family Therapy' approach to avoid taking so many children into care and appointing a social work manager to lead it
Fran Fuller

11 June - Eric Pickles’ “troubled” families initiative; coverage included: Left Foot Forward - Nushra Mansuri, Society Guardian bulletin - Nushra Mansuri, UCB Radio - Nushra Mansuri, BBC Radio Derby - Janet Foulds

12 June - BBC R4 You & Yours - Eric Pickles “troubled” families
Nushra Mansuri

12 June - BBC News - Child protection ‘red tape’ is cut
Nushra Mansuri

29 June Nushra Mansuri Huffington Post - OAPs: Your turn next to be labelled benefit scroungers
Hayley Meachin


9 May - BBC Radio London - Rochdale Sex Abuse
Janet Foulds

11 May - The Daily Telegraph - Half of councils failing adoption targets, controversial 'scorecards' show
Nushra Mansuri

14 May - BBC Radio 5Live Double Take programme Rochdale Sex Abuse
Janet Foulds

15 May - BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - Tyler Whelan verdict
Nushra Mansuri

16 May - Community Care - Queens University Research reveals 60% rise in child protection plans

17 May - The Guardian - Child grooming: What social workers should know
Janet Foulds

17 May - Social workers fear cuts putting lives at risk, BASW’s State of Social Work survey. Over 200 pieces of coverage, including:
Social workers fear service cuts risk children's lives
Social care cuts are putting childrens lives at risk

19 May - Children & Young People Now - Government told to reconsider court restrictions on independent social workers
Hilton Dawson

19 May - The Municipal Journal - Care cases put service 'in crisis'
Sue Kent

21 May - BBC Radio Berkshire Breakfast - Adult service users mount legal challenge to West Berkshire Council cuts
Hilton Dawson

22 May - The Sunday Express - 'Let granny adopt' plea
Nushra Mansuri

22 May - BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire and BBC Radio Manchester -ASBOs being scrapped
Ruth Cartwright

25 May Huffington Post - Rochdale CSE: Why Do We Only Take Notice of Our Teenagers When Rapists Are Convicted?
Hayley Meachin

25 May - The Independent - Baby P social workers lose tribunal appeal
Hilton Dawson

25 May - Baby P social workers loase sacking appeal - also Baby P social workers lose tribunal appeal
BASW spokesperson: Hilton Dawson

29 May - BBC Radio Kent - Kent highest care referral rate in country
Sue Kent


2 April - The Daily Telegraph - Gove accused of exaggerating race role in adoption delays
BASW spokesperson: Nushra Mansuri

3 April - CYP Now - Under closer (Ofsted) inspection
Nushra Mansuri

10 April - Community Care - Why social workers should oppose child x-ray trial
Sue Kent

11 April - BBC News channel & Radio 4 News - Cafcass care figures at record high
Hilton Dawson

11 April - BBC 5Live Shelagh Fogarty show - Caseloads rise post Baby P
Sue Kent

11 April - The Daily Mail - 10,000 children taken into care: Numbers have doubled in the past four years
Sue Kent

12 April - The Independent - Foster system at breaking point as 10,000 children a year await help
Sue Kent

12 April - The Daily Telegraph - Baby P case leads to surge in applications to remove children
Sue Kent

12 April - Belfast Telegraph - Troubled 13-year-old girl threw knives at children's home staff, court is told
Hilton Dawson

16 April - Belfast Telegraph - (QUB research shows) Cuts put children at risk
Nushra Mansuri

16 April - BBC Radio Devon - 2 out of 5 children at risk in Torbay not being seen within 10 day target
Sue Kent

26 April - Huffington Post: Cheer Up Rupert, At Least You Won't End Up in a Care Home
Hayley Meachin


19 March - Community Care - Scrapping national pay deal could prompt social worker shortages
Ruth Cartwright

20 March - Huffington Post - World Social Work Day 2012: Do Children in Care Get a Better Deal in Other Countries?
Hayley Meachin

21 March - Community Care - Fear over plans to privatise child mental health service
Nushra Mansuri

23 March - The Guardian - Social Worker role under threat
Hilton Dawson


3 February - Birmingham Post - Backing for new Director of Children's Services at Birmingham City Council
BASW spokesperson: Hilton Dawson

6 February - The Guardian - Ministers 'grandstanding' over parental access proposals
Hilton Dawson

8 February - Community Care - Government's "nonsensical" family justice plans will set social workers up to fail
Nushra Mansuri

10 February - ITV This Morning - Denise Robertson Vs. Social Services
Nushra Mansuri

10 February - Evening Standard - Changing the public's perception of social work
Hilton Dawson

16 February - BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show - Obese woman demanding 50 hours care a week 'went to pop concert'
BASW spokesperson: Ruth Cartwright


02 January - Daily Telegraph - BASW part of joint care system challenge to Cameron
BASW spokesperson: Hilton Dawson

02 January - Guardian - College of Social Work opens doors to members after delay
Hilton Dawson

06 January - Guardian - University of Southampton to scrap social work courses
Fran Fuller

17 January - Huffington Post - Government Cuts: Is Human Decency Next?
Hayley Meachin

11 January - Community Care - Debt-ridden social workers turning to payday loansSimon Cole, Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust

15 January - The Sunday Express (Scotland) - Desperate public sector staff take payday loans
Simon Cole, Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust