BASW aims to bring together a coalition of support for the Test, Safe Access, Protect rights campaign and also adding our voice to partnership campaigns. Below are updates, milestones and key information related to our campaign:

Key campaign updates

November 2020:

Updates from the Senedd Cymru (Welsh parliament):

  • On 4 Nov BASW Cymru issued a briefing for Members of the Senedd (MS), which raised the issue of social workers needing to be regularly tested in order to ensure that they are able to safeguard and promote the rights of people in care homes. You can read the full briefing here
  • Mark Isherwod MS asked for a urgent statement on Covid-19 restrictions on visits to care homes in Wales.  He urged that those visits that can be conducted safely should continue and that many steps could be put in place to stop people dying of loneliness. The Trefnydd (House Leader) recognised the difficult time for those who have loved ones in care homes, and said she will speak to the Deputy Minister for Social Services for an update on the situation.
  • On 3 November Rhun ap Iorwerth MS tabled a statement in the Senedd, which reads as follows: 

    'Social Worker Professional Visitors'
    This Senedd:
    a) believes that social workers are integral to ensuring the wellbeing of care home residents and should be treated as professional visitors with physical access to patients to carry out their statutory and non-statutory duties;
    b) supports BASW Cymru’s call that all designated social worker professional visitors should be tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis;
    c) believes that social workers must be given priority access to people in care, health and supported living settings through testing, rigorous infection control, access to PPE;
    d) recognises that without access to care and health settings, social workers are struggling to carry out mental capacity assessment

BASW pledges support to NCF campaign