Claim tax relief on your BASW membership

Save up to £48 a year on your subscription to BASW

Unlike membership of a number of trade unions, social workers who join BASW are eligible for tax relief on their fees, saving basic rate taxpayers up to £48 a year. This amounts to a 20% saving on your BASW membership, significantly cutting the cost of joining the professional association for social workers in the UK.

BASW members wishing to reclaim tax on their membership (you can claim for up to four years worth of subscription fees) can either do so themselves for no charge or can ask a specialist agent to make a claim on their behalf, in return for a commission or administration payment.

To find out more about reclaiming tax on your BASW subscriptions please visit this area of the HM Revenue & Customs website –

An alternative is to use an agent, who will save you time but will charge you a fee to make the claim on your behalf.

BASW has agreed a deal with one agent, SRS Limited, which means that for every social worker and BASW member who makes a claim using this company's service, SRS will pay £10 to the Social Workers Benevolent Trust.

For more information about the SRS service, please visit

To make an online claim via SRS, visit