Talk to SWU on 7 July 2021

This free webinar was a chance to talk directly with the Social Workers Union about any work place issues you have been experiencing.

In this session a panel of Advice & Representation Officers along with a SWU Legal Advisor answered questions from UK social workers and social work students. Some of the questions that we discussed included:

  • I have a health condition that makes me exempt from wearing a face mask. My employer is insisting that I wear one when I am in the office and has said that if I don’t, they will have to offer me an alternative job. Can they do this?
  • How do I start a Tribunal claim? What are the time limits? What is ACAS Early Conciliation?
  • Whistleblowing – what sorts of statements are protected? What is the right way to go about making a protected disclosure? Can I go to the press?

You can watch the recording below:

This is a recording of a Talk to SWU webinar. Please note that this webinar was recorded on 7 July 2021 and some of the information may now be out of date.

Some other common issues experienced by our members include:

  • Terms and conditions being changed or altered
  • Facing re-organisation
  • Experiencing bullying and harassment

All UK social workers and social work students are invited to attend and engage with this online advice and representation series of webinars hosted by SWU, regardless of membership.

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