This session will allow you to talk directly to SWU about any work place issues you are experiencing (can be done anonymously).

  • Have your terms and conditions been changed/altered ?
  • Have you been facing re-organisation?
  • Are you experiencing Bullying and Harassment ?

Some questions based on some of the recent 2021 enquiries we have received and will also cover during the session:

  • What is the difference between direct vs indirect discrimination?
  • What are the issues surrounding discrimination based on religious & philosophical beliefs?
  • My employer wants to make changes to my contract of employment - what are the legal protections?
  • Can my employer require me to be vaccinated against CV19?  And: can my employer require me to work with someone who hasn't been!  Or won't wear a mask?

Accompanying PowerPoint Presentation and Resources for the "Talk to SWU: workplace issues webinar"

*Please note this webinar was recorded on the 31st March 2021 and some information may now be out of date. If you are a BASW Member and are unsure and require further advice, please contact the Advice and Representation team**. 


  • Paul Scholey - Senior Partner at Morrish and SWU Legal Advisor
  • John McGowan - General Secretary, Social Workers Union
  • Julie Long  - SWU Trade Union officer 
  • Laura Sheridan - SWU Trade Union Officer