Get a chance to talk directly to SWU during this session about work place issues.

  • "My terms and conditions been changed / altered ? What do I do next?"
  • "I am facing re-organisation, what steps do you advise I take?"
  • "I'm experiencing bullying and harrassment and need advice" 

Some questions based on some of the recent enquiries we have received and will also cover during the session:

  • "My employer has asked me to come to an investigation meeting, what should I do?"
  • "I’m returning to work after a period of sickness, and my employer isn’t being supportive"
  • "My employer has told me that we are going to have to change job role which may involve a change of location, what are my rights?"
  • "I feel like my manager is treating me differently to my colleagues – what should I do?"
  • "I’ve been told my job is up for TUPE. What does this mean?"

*Please note this webinar was recorded on the 17th December 2020 and some information may now be out of date. If you are a BASW Member and are unsure and require further advice, please contact the Advice and Representation team**. 

**You are entitled to telephone advice and telephone support from the first day of your membership. You will be entitled to representation after the three month qualifying period.



  • Paul Scholey - Senior Partner at Morrish and SWU Legal Advisor
  • John McGowan - General Secretary, Social Workers Union
  • Lien Watts - Assistant General Secretary, SWU
  • Advice and Representation Officers