Work With or for SWU

We are always looking for SWU Workplace Volunteers, helping SWU to reach social workers in workplaces across the UK. Part-time, sessional and permanent positions within SWU arise from time to time and can be found on this page.

Becoming a Workplace Volunteer

SWU’s model of developing a network of Workplace Volunteers offers an alternative to the traditional union shop steward approach. By ensuring that direct employer relations are confined to a paid BASW Trade Union Official and your employer, instead of placing this onus on a shop steward employee, we hope to reduce the potential for tension between staff and management.

Instead, each SOCIAL WORK Workplace Volunteer has a designated Trade Union Official to support their role and co-ordinate quarterly meetings, making sure SWU retains strong links with where ws are employed but without the complexities. All volunteers will be reimbursed any agreed out of pocket expenses and have a critical role in the successful and effective running of the SWU.

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Current Employment Vacancies with SWU

Current vacancies, if available, can be found Here